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Why I Tattoo BitcoinCash On My Body – David Valenz

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:16 am


How crazy can you be if you have a passion for something? Cryptocurrency enthusiast David Valenz is a perfect example of how extreme someone could go as he tattooed BitcoinCash on his body in an effort to spread BCH message to the World.

We’ve seen people who wear T-Shirt with Bitcoin logo on them while some people wear a cap with a crypto logo.

But David Valenz said his love for digital asset prompted him to visit a tattoo shop to have it drawn on its forearm


According to Valenz, BitcoinCash is the best digital cash he’s ever used, and it’s beneficial to someone like him that lives outside the banking system.

On his Twitter page, he said cryptocurrency is a way of life and shared videos of the tattoo on YouTube.

On his read-cash profile, he spoke on why he tattooed BitcoinCash on his body, “The answer for me… is pretty EXTENSIVE…

“I know most people… Invest in cryptocurrency like its just somewhere to “make an ROI” on their investment, for me, “its a LIFESTYLE.”

He said cryptocurrency has given him unlimited access to the digital asset since he lived where the conventional bank isn’t always available.

Describing BitcoinCash (BCH) the best digital cash he had ever used, Valez hinted that, “Sending, receiving, being able to send a TEXT of payment or EMAIL to someone alone is HUGE for me.”

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Desire to invest more in cryptocurrency

The BCH enthusiast who described himself as an average vowed to invest the little he has in crypto.

“I do not have a lot of money like a lot of people are blessed to have but what little I have… I 100% throw all of it into crypto. It defines FREEDOM to me,” he said.

Valenz’ love for BitcoinCash

He said he had used and compared other coins, stating that BCH doesn’t give him any issue like other coins.

“I cannot nitpick a single thing about BCH because its never given me any issues. So why the tattoo? It’s my way of life”.

He stated that Bitcoin Cash has solved “endless amounts of problems for me, so I appreciate it on a much higher level than most people could understand”.

Other Tattoos he has on his body include Dallas Cowboys, his son and daughters, making it five in all

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