ALERT: Fake Metamask Domain Could Steal From Your Crypto Wallet, Here Is What You Need To Do

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:17 am


Findings have shown that a scam cryptocurrency browser extension could redirect you to a fake Metamask domain, where coins in your wallet could be stolen.

It was gathered that crypto funds have been stolen via a fraudulent Chrome browser posing as the ethereum-based wallet Metamask, a crypto intelligence firm reported.

According to a report published on Ciphertrace, the intelligence firm which reported the case, they target their victims by redirecting them to, which it isn’t the official site of Metamask.


There has been a spike in phishing messages and fake crypto websites since the price of bitcoin and other digital assets set on a new all-time high.

Ciphertrace in its report says it noticed “an uptick of alerts and comments” about crypto funds stolen via a Chrome browser extension.

Who Is Behind

The intelligence firm stated that the fake domain was registered on November 29, 2020.

It was also discovered that an intending user asked Metamask team on Twitter about the authenticity of the site.

More update by the investigative company showed that that the phisher behind Metamask’s fake extension are buying sponsored ads on Google, which appear when people search for “metamask” term.

What you need to avoid landing on fake metamask site at this time

1) Watch the kinds of ads you click on Google or any site because it has been discovered that the fake metamask is impersonating the original site.

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2) Not just that, those behind the fake domains might change to another domain if they know that users are cautious.

For instance, findings by the U.S-based intelligence firm discovered that another fake domain is, which has temporarily gone offline at the time we checked.

3) For your safety, try to use direct links when using crypto.

4) If you need to use search, watch out for sponsored links.

What’s Google doing?

At a time, Google banned metamask app from PlayStore but due to an uproar by the community, the tech giant restored it on January 02, 2020

It’s likely Google bans the app once again because of its stringent policy on apps that expose users to “deceptive or harmful financial products and services”.

For the time being, take as very important some of the security measures to stay safe while you explore the unimaginable potentials in the crypto space.


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