how to top up dollar card in nigeria

How To Top Up Dollar Card in Nigeria with Domiciliary Account

With the current dollar spending limit on Naira debit cards, it becomes extremely difficult for Nigerians who pay for foreign services online to renew their services.

But the best solution is to apply for a foreign currency card through a domiiliary account, especially for bloggers who pay for hosting, domains, and other foreign sellers of professional tools.

This article explains two things: 1) how to set up a domiciliary account, and 2) how to obtain a dollar MasterCard and load USD on it. To critically explain the process, we shall use GT Bank as a case study.

Note: You can’t apply for US$ Debit Card without a domiciliary (dom account for short).

Requirements for GT Bank Domiciliary Account

Having a dom account comes with a lot of advantages, to apply for a dom account…

1) Obtain and fill domiciliary application form at a nearby branch of GTbank

2) Your recent passport photograph

3) A recent utility bill not older than three months

4) A copy of recognised Identification Number e.g Driver’s License, International Passport, INEC’s voter card

Benefits of Prepaid Dollar Card

A prepaid Dollar Card is an international payment card issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide or VISA International.

1) The card is available to anyone around the world to meet their various payment needs.

2) It can be used on ATM, POS and Online transactions.

3) A holder of a dollar card in Nigeria can spend at most $1,666USD per month which translates to $20,000USD annually. This enables you to exceed the $20/month on Naira Debit Card. This applies to Guaranty Trust Bank. It may be different in other banks, kindly check our resources below this article

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4) The Prepaid Dollar Card gives the holder to access their fund 24-hour from over 2million ATMs globally.

5) The MasterCard Prepaid dollar card can be used in over 200 countries on major channels like ATM, POS and online purchases.


Exercise the utmost precautionary measures when using your dollar card online for purchases. The fact that the card employs the use of Chip and PIN technology doesn’t you should be careless with its handling.

Application Requirements for GTB Dollar Card

  1. You must be a holder of an existing domiciliary account if not, check the requirements for a dom account above.
  2. Obtain the card application form and mark the option for dollar card (MasterCard or VISA).
  3. Fill and submit
  4. You may be required to check back at a later date.
  5. Collect your card and activate it and check the balance on your card on the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

There is a dedicated USD account number associated with your USD card, note it down because you are going to need it.

How To Fund Dollar Debit Card Using Dom Account

This method is one of the alternatives Nigerian parents can deploy to send feeding allowance to their foreign student.

Now it’s time to fund your dollar debit card to start using it online to pay for services or products, follow the steps below to get started:

1) Login to your GT Bank online banking

How To Top Up Dollar Card In Nigeria
Source: GTB Online banking

2) Click “Account transfers”

3) Select “Own Account Transfer”

4) Choose your domiciliary account on the “from” option because you can only transfer funds from a dom account to a dollar card

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Fund Dollar Card In Nigeria
Source: GT bank online banking

5) Under “to” enter your Dollar Card account number

6) Enter the amount

7) And hit the submit button.

In less than two seconds, the amount will reflect on your prepaid dollar card.

That’s all.

Prepaid Dollar MasterCard Limit in Nigeria

There are limits to the amount you can spend on your USD/GBP/EUR Card. The limit differs from bank to bank as you can see in the table below:

BanksMonthly LimitAnnual limitMaintenance feeValidity period
GTBank$1,666$20,000$10 annually3 years
FCMB$5,000$60,0003 years
UBA$10,000$120,000$21 monthly3 years


You can not transfer fund from Naira account to dollar card.

Dom account is a prerequisite to obtain a US$ Card. At Guaranty Trust Bank or any other banks, the first question customer support asks is: Do you have a dom account?.

If you don’t have a dom account, that’s where you have to start.

This is one of the easiest methods for parents and guardians can send funds to their undergraduate or postgraduate kids in foreign universities if they can wait for the bureaucratic approval process that has bedeviled the CBN forex application portal.

A debit dollar card makes it easy to bloggers and professional content writers to pay for themes, plugins, software, and other paid tools online.


Obtaining a foreign currency card (USD or GBP domiciliary account is required) is the best solution to the issue of spending limit on Naira Debit and credit cards. Some banks in Nigeria no longer allow international transactions on naira debit card.

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Foreign currency card enables you to spend $5K per month (for FCMB) and $20K (for GT Bank).

You can fund your dollar card account through your dom account balance. Naira account number can’t be used to fund US$ card.


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    Thank you for sharing. Is there any chance of funding account using naira. I do use it on skrill but the service is unavailable because of CBN policy.

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