Google Startups Black Founders Fund Application form

How To Fill Google Startups Black Founders Fund Application Form And Receive $100,000 To Support Your Innovative Business


What would you do with N49.5million or more right now if your business got that amount in grant? Don’t imagine it, you can actually get $100,000 courtesy of the Google Startups Black Founders Fund. The fund is specifically designed to support blacks who are innovative business owners around the world.

Already, the names of 30 black founders who are based in Europe were released on June 3, 2021. Their applications were successful (check below for their names).

Now it’s time for those whose startups operate in Africa


According to the tech giant, the early startups in Africa or any part of the world will be benefiting from the non-dilutive $3million fund set aside across at least 50 businesses founded by Africans or blacks.

Who Can Apply

  • Early-stage startups with black founders
  • You must be an African
  • Your business must operate and headquartered in Africa even if you don’t reside on the continent.

The cardinal objective of the fund is “to bridge the existing fundraising gap for black startup founders in Africa’s fast-growing technology landscape,” with priority given to Google for Startups Accelerator & Partner program alumni.

Benefits of the funding programme

  • You will get access to non-dilutive (equity-free) cash awards of up to $100,000 per startup
  • You will get access to a network of mentors to help tackle each startup’s unique challenges you face in your business
  • Access to up to $220k in Google Ads grants and Google Cloud credits
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This isn’t the only funding opportunity being supported by the tech giant to support businesses owners around the world. There is also Google Cloud Platform Program where three packages are available. They include:

  • Start Package (you can get up to $3k credit)
  • Spark (you can get up to $20k credit)
  • Surge (you can get up to $100k credit)

The stages depend on your needs and growth and we’re sure you want to expand beyond where you are currently are.

With all these, how can you become one of the winners of this grant?

Everything is done online, and the application form can be completed within 30 minutes.

Let’s get started…

How To Fill Google Black Founders Fund Application Form

Note: Some of the important information you have to provide includes telling Google and its team why you are applying to the fund. You have to tell the tech coy what your startup is all about and the impact it’s making in your community or how it can sufficiently solve an everyday problems in your community.

We urge applicants to get this set before beginning the application process.

Step 1: Gain access to the application form at

Step 2: Enter your email

Step 2: Fill the spaces provide under the “More About You”

Step 3: You have to give consent to the terms and conditions involved

Check the information you filled in again before hitting the submit button.

Applications to the fund close July 7, 2021

Winners of Google Black Founders Startups In Europe

On June 3, 2021, Google announced 30 black founders spread across Europe whose applications stand out in the over 800 quality applications received.

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Black Founds Based in Europe Their Startups Location
Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, Define Define United Kingdom
Bruno Mendes Da Silva Heex Technologies France
Ben Camara Remote Coach U.K
Tolulope Ogunsina Playbrush Austria
Rachael Corson & Joycelyn Mate Afrocenchix U.K
Stephanie Nenta Mbianda Xtramile France
Danielle Lawrence Freyda U.K
Richard Robinson Robin AI U.K
Erika Brodnock Kami (Optimum Health) U.K
Kenny Alegbe HomeHero United Kingdom
Charles Sekwalor & Oyin Solebo Movemeback U.K
Christian Facey & Wilfrid Obeng AudioMob U.K
Favour Mandanji Nyikosa Augmize U.K
Nicholas Kelly Axela Innovations U.K
Ismail Jeilani Scoodle U.K
Keano Chang iknowa U.K
Ivan Beckley Suvera U.K
Elizabeth Nyeko  Modularity Grid U.K
Tomide Adesanmi Circuit Mind U.K
Anthea Marie Stephenson Wild Radish U.K
Deborah Choi Bosque Germany
Nancy de Fays Line Belgium
Marie Assé & Karim Edson Bakoumé Clustdoc France
Chantelle Bell Syrona Health U.K
Jack-Hermann Ntoko & Jean-Cedric Bekale


TradeIn France
Michael Musandu Lalaland Netherlands
Sait Cham Hutch Logistics U.K
Tai Alegbe Contingent U.K
Clifford Ondara Vanilla Steel Germany

All the best


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