How To Buy 2020 JAMB Registration E-PIN Online Using Remita and Quickteller

Last Updated on January 23, 2020 by Ope Quadri

How To Buy 2020 JAMB Registration E-pin Online Using Remita Quickteller

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) is evolving every year. In this post, I’ll show you how to purchase JAMB registration E-Pin online using remita and quickteller, through which you can have your ePIN sent to your phone.

Please note that you must have created a PROFILE CODE first before proceeding to make payment for e-PIN.

How to create a JAMB profile code

To create profile code, simply send your names in this order:

  • Surname,
  • First-Name,
  • Middle-Name (if any)]
  • And text to 55019.

This should be a maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all to 55019

For instance:

Adeola Ajala Rufus to 55019

A Profile Code of 10 characters will be sent to you.

Once you have received the PROFILE code, you can proceed to make payment using the methods below;

Note: If you have already gotten your PROFILE CODE, you don’t need to follow the steps above.

How To Buy JAMB 2020 e-PIN Online Via Remita & Quickteller


  • Text your “First Name, Middle Name, Last Name” to short code “55019”. Ensure the names are in the specified order and separated from each other by a space. e.g. Adewale Chukwu Adamu.
  • You’ll receive an SMS acknowledging receipt of the request.
  • You’ll receive a profile code (Your unique ID) via SMS.
  • Log on to , select “Pay For UTME or “Pay For DE” as applicable.
  • Enter your profile code, and proceed to make payment.
  • You’ll receive your ePIN after successful payment.
  • Take ePin to the closest CBT centre to complete registration


  1. Visit //
  2. Select ‘Sales of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms’ in the ‘Name of Service/Purpose” column
  3. Enter your registered phone number (the one on which you received the confirmation code)
  4. Enter other details and select how you want to pay
  5. Click ‘Submit’


  1. Create your profile by sending your Surname, First Name and Middle Name (where applicable) by SMS to the JAMB short code, 55019
  2. You will receive a 10-character confirmation code on the same telephone number which will be used to procure your ePIN

Direct Entry

  1. Candidate registers on the JAMB Portal by sending his/her Surname, First Name and other name (if applicable) by text message from the phone number that would be unique to him to 55019.
  2. The candidate receives a confirmation code.


  1. Candidate visits //
  2. Select ‘Sales of JAMB/DE Registration Forms’ in the ‘Name of Service/Purpose” column
  3. Enter candidate’s confirmation code received after registration via SMS
  4. If the Phone number is already registered on JAMB, Payer name, is retrieved from JAMB otherwise, the candidate has to get registered on JAMB portal as described in step 1 above.
  5. Enter other details and select how you want to pay.
  6. Once the transaction has been processed, click the “Print Receipt” button to provide the payer with his transaction receipt. The JAMB DE PIN is displayed on the payment receipt.

That’s how to purchase 2020 JAMB registration E-PIN. All the best.

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