Is There Uranium in Enugu State?

Enugu State has no uranium as claimed by one Uchenna S Osuchukwu on Twitter on March 19, 2022, about the discovery of uranium in the “Coal City State”. Although, there are many other mineral resources that are in commercial quantities spread across the state. Tweeting at @Uchez2 without providing evidence like the name of the … Read more

Where Are Solid Mineral Resources In Ekiti State Located?

Mineral resources in Ekiti State can be found in Ikole, Ikere, Ado, Ise-Ekiti, Aramoko, Ijero, and Ajegunle among others. Its abundant resources led the state to create the Office of Solid Mineral Resources to fully explore large deposits of various resources spread across towns and villages of the state. Where can the mineral resources in … Read more

Is There Crude Oil in Ebonyi State?

Different sources including the former governor Sam Egwu confirmed that there is a large deposit of crude oil in Ebonyi state, but it has not gotten the attention of the NNPC. Specifically, crude oil can be found in Edda in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Where can crude oil be found in … Read more

Mineral Resources In Edo State and Where They Are Located

The state government of Edo once claimed there are close to 200 solid mineral resources all scattered across the local government areas in the state. But the most popular ones are clay, crude oil, marble, feldspar, granite dust, laterite, limestone, gold, granite aggregate, and sand. There are large deposits of untapped solid minerals in Edo. … Read more

Marble and other Solid Minerals Resources in Delta State

Do you know that crude oil isn’t the only natural resource that can be found in Delta State? Little is known about other solid mineral resources in “The Big Heart” because the economy of the state largely depends on derivation revenue because it is one of the oil-producing states. In 2022, Delta State got the … Read more

Uranium, Gold and Other Solid Mineral Resources in Cross River State

Cross River State is richly blessed with more than 20 solid mineral resources which can be found in nearly all the local government areas of the state. Crude oil and gas which should be one of the mineral resources in the state isn’t part of the resources because the state lost its right to oil-producing … Read more

What are the solid mineral resources in Borno State?

Borno State may be facing some security challenges for over a decade, it has at least 17 solid mineral resources spread across its 27 Local Government Areas. The mineral resources in the Borno are: Does Borno State have crude oil? YES, Crude oil was discovered in Borno state in 2016. There have been drilling activities … Read more

Gemstone and Other Solid Mineral Resources in Benue State

Known as the “food basket of the nation” because of its rich agricultural produce, Benue notwithstanding is also blessed with over 10 solid mineral resources spread across each of the 23 local government areas of the state. Most of the mineral resources in Benue are under-exploited, it focuses more on farming on a large scale. … Read more

Solid Mineral Resources in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State is the second largest oil state in Nigeria, producing 514,800 barrels (about 23.4%) of Nigeria’s 2.2 Million barrels of daily crude oil production at the time of this publication. Beyond abundant deposits of crude oil, the Bayelsa has other mineral resources, but because of the revenue it gets from oil production, it took the exploration … Read more

Mineral Resources in Bauchi State

There are at least 10 mineral deposits in Bauchi state. The solid minerals are yet to be fully harnessed. For instance, cassiterite is mined in places like Gamau and Maijuju part of the state. In Toro LGA of the state, quarrying of granite and other rocks for road and other construction goes on in the … Read more