How To Follow NYSC Stream of Your Choice

Last updated on February 2nd, 2021 at 08:24 am

There is a special trick you can use to follow the NYSC stream of your choice during registration. It worked for a friend and hundreds of others that wanted a specific stream.

With the trick here, you can choose which to follow between stream I and II.

To follow the NYSC stream of your choice, when your colleagues are registering for Stream I, all you have to do is register late if you’d love to be mobilised for Stream II.

Follow NYSC Stream of your choice

To opt-in for Stream I, register immediately mobilisation portal opens for registration.

If you do this, say between 2 to four days, the chances of going with Stream I is 95%. Conversely, if you do your online registration 24 hours before the closure of the registration portal, the chances of going with Stream II is 99%.

Is that simple?

This had worked for hundreds of people, you don’t really need to be connected to anyone at the NYSC headquarters to get this done.

Irrespective of the NYSC Stream you want to go with, apply the above tricks.

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