15 Details to Include When Reporting Failed Transactions to CBN

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Have you ever been caught in the web of banking glitches? Like when you’re debited for performing a transaction that isn’t executed. What exactly did you do when this happened to you? Report to your bank and wait for several weeks without a solution to your complaint?

For those who earlier submission application for BDC operating licence before the latest policy on forex, a guide on how to request a refund from the CBN (which said it’s not granting licence for such purpose) is available at: https://infomediang.com/bdc-request-a-refund-from-cbn

Here is the guide on how to lodge a banking complaint with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the regulator of all financial institutions in Nigeria.


The essence of reporting your bank to the apex bank is for it to look into your complaint, investigate, and call your bank to order if truly your complaint is valid.

When To Lodge Complaint To CBN

The apex bank isn’t where you run to for every complaint. It should be your last resort. You must have exhausted all the available means in your bank.

Medium of complaining to your bank include: Through an online platform, Via any of the bank branches near you, and By calling customer support.

You must give your bank 24 hours business working days or a maximum of 14 business working days if it has to do with a reversal to appropriately attend to your complaint.

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You can only report your bank to the apex when you must have exhausted the above medium and the waiting days as recommended by the CBN’s Consumer Protection Department.

Here are the reasons to contact CBN for banking resolution:

  • ATM dispense errors,
  • Unexecuted transaction
  • Failed PoS transactions,
  • Unauthorized transactions,
  • Unauthorized debits,
  • Unpaid interest earned on Savings account
  • Interest overcharge,
  • Unjustifiable deductions from your account

The CBN can be contacted via three mediums:

  1. By filling online form
  2. By sending email
  3. By writing letter

Online resolutions platform

Below are the 15 important details to include when lodging banking complaints to the CBN:

  • Your Name
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Title of complaint
  • Amount Involved
  • Bank / Institution
  • Date of Event
  • Address
  • Tel
  • Email
  • Branch Name
  • Name of Branch Staff
  • Nature of Complaint
  • Brief Description of the Complaint
  • If you have earlier reported this matter to the Bank you are complaining against, please provide details.
  • Click Review to submit, the online complaint form is available at: https://www.cbn.gov.ng/Contacts/Complaints

Via email:

CBN’s customer complaint email address to send your petition to is: via cpd@cbn.gov.ng

Via a letter:

You can also include the above details in your typewritten letter which should be directed to:

The Director,

Consumer Protection Department,

Central Business District,


And submitted at the CBN head office, Abuja, or at any of its branches near you

NOTE: CBN doesn’t require your Bank Verification Number (BVN) or ATM details when lodging a complaint to the bankers’ bank.

Final thought:

It is crucial you include the above details in your resolutions request to enable the apex bank to facilitate easy resolution of complaints.

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You should also attach all relevant support documents like Statements, Contract Agreements in the form to facilitate quick resolution of your complaint.

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