Local Government Areas in Adamawa State

Last updated on November 5th, 2022 at 12:37 pm

There are 21 local government areas in Adamawa state, Northeast, Nigeria. Toungo council area is the largest in terms of land area in the state.

The table below shows the LGAs in Adamawa, and their population using the 2006 National Population Commission or the estimates of some of the council areas.

Council AreasPopulationLand Size
Demsa180,2511,593 km²
Fufore209,4605,066 km²
Ganye169,9482,095 km²
Girei129, 8551,040 km²
Gombi147,7872,312 km²
Michika720,000822.3 km²
Toungo52,1795,665.37sq km
Mubi South152,8032,368 km²
Madagali135,142957.4 km²
Numan 90,723803.9 km²
Maiha110,1751,346 km² 
Guyuk176,505764.6 km² 
Song260, 900 (2016 estimate)4,202 km²
Jada124,8563,583 km²
Shelleng148,4901,381 km²
Hong169,1832,588 km²
Yola South196,197919.0 km²
Lamurde550,000.001,083 km² 
Yola North199,67467.30 km²
Mubi North151,515506.4Km2

Note: Adamawa has several mineral resources which can be found in some of the local government areas across the state, especially in the villages.


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