How To Open An Account With Nirsal Micro Finance Bank (NMFB Requirements)

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 06:35 am

Do you know that it isn’t compulsory to provide an NMFB account to the ongoing COVID-19 TCF loan?

However, you need to have an account with the CBN-backed microfinance bank. In this guide, we’ll tell you the requirements to open an account with Nirsal Micro Finance Bank and why you need it for the disbursement of your loan.

In one of our guides, we told you that NIRSAL Microfinance Bank is a leading national micro-financial institution licensed by Nigeria’s apex bank.

75% of the shareholding of the bank belongs to the Bankers Committee, NIRSAL owns 15% by NIRSAL while NIPOST owns 10%

This post is a response to the question raised by one of our readers:

If someone applied for a household loan must he provide microfinance bank account details?

Answer: You don’t need to provide an NMFB account to get your TCF Loan. However, we advise you have an account with the bank to enjoy the full benefits of lots of services provided by the bank.

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This is how to open Nirsal MFB account: Visit NMFB branch in your state, their branches are mostly located at NIPOST offices spread across Nigeria


  • One recent clear passport photograph
  • Means of Identification (Driver’s License, International Passport,
    National Identity Card or Voter’s Card)
  • Public Utility Receipt dated within the last three months (PHCN bill, water rate bill, tenement rate, rent receipt, telephone bill)
  • Account opening form duly completed
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What’s next?

Step 1: Download NIRSAL MFB App on Google Play Store

Step 2: Login with your account details

Step 3: Visit NMFB branch closest to you and use the default PIN given to you during account setup

Step 4: Perform KYC (Know Your Customers) to secure your account. From here you can change your PIN.

Step 5: Access your NMFB and add your account number to transfer money to.

That’s all.

When your TCF loan is disbursed into your account, you can safely make a transfer to your conventional bank account.

If you have any issues using the app, ask the branch for a guide.



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19 thoughts on “How To Open An Account With Nirsal Micro Finance Bank (NMFB Requirements)”

  1. Sir I am trying to apply for a some loan and on the application process I found a space to enter my NMFB account number and I don’t have it

  2. Hello
    I have received an alert message that i have credited fund so i want know how i would do to withdraw to my GtBank account. Pls

  3. I received a message saying that my account has been successfully create NIRSAL MBF with an account number, please how can I open the account to start using it. My location is Ajah in Lagos State, thanks.

  4. I just received a message notification of my account had been credited with my account number tagged together from NMFB.
    Please sir I find out that NMFB BRANCHES close to are Agbor and Benin, I am asking if there is any means to do a transfer or a code for that,
    Please reply,
    Thank you.

  5. I did transfer through following the option Between my accounts, the money was deducted but haven’t drop in my account, what can i do now?

    • Hello Onome, you can open an account online by downloading the app, however, you may need the assistance of NMFB official. So, it’s advisable to visit any of its branches nearest to you.

      • Please is there any initial deposit to be made or something
        Or it’s just the requirements alone.And is it truly a loan platform also that will be returned or something


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