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How To Transfer Your Nirsal Loan From NMFB To Your Bank Account Using *646#

Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 11:35 am


I applied for one of the available COVID-19 loans of the Central Bank of Nigeria sometime in 2020. To my surprise, my Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) account was credited. I was elated because it would help me to expand my business. But never did I know I would face other rounds of the hurdle. But I later figured it out.

Nirsal is an authorised money lender to provide loans to businesses to stimulate macro economic activities

If you are one of the applicants whose Nirsal account was credited but don’t really know how to transfer the money to your bank account number, go nowhere, we’ve got the solution.


One thing you have to get clear is this…NIRSAL is different from NMFB

How NIRSAL came about

NIrsal is a non-commercial bank. It’s owned by the Nigeria’s apex bank to provide loans for businesses.

It’s part of the Nigeria government’s policy to encourage local production of what we consume at home.

To do this, SME needs to be supported financially, those with business ideas with no funds need to get started. That’s why the CBN established the NIRSAL.

NIRSAL is Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL Plc.)

To make the disbursement of loans easier for the applicants, Nirsal Microfinance Bank or NMFB was founded.

The NMFB isn’t exclusively owned by NIRSAL. Here are the owners of the Nirsal microfinance bank

  • Bankers Committee has 50%,
  • NIRSAL 40%,
  • Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has 10% shares.
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That’s why you can easily find NMFB branch at any of the NIPOST offices in your state.

You can access any loan below N10,000,000 at the NMFB while anything above that would have to be directed to NIRSAL PLC.

If you receive agricultural loan, Micro loans, SME loan, and Asset financing or any kind of funds from the bank, follow the steps below to transfer your loan to GT Bank, Access Bank or other commercial banks, from where you can then make a withdrawal.

If you receive funds in Nirsal account number which is not your commercial bank account number, follow this guide on account setup.

What is the USSD Code for Nirsal Microfinance bank?

You can conveniently make transfer to anyone from your NMFB account using the USSD code *646#

You can also use the same code access other NMFB services.

How can I get back my account number?

Kindly visit the branch of the bank to resolve this issue.

I got a credit alert message from Nirsal, so what should I do?

Visit NMFB branch

Want to know my Nirsal account number

To know your Nirsal account number, kindly contact the NMFB. This is also very important, most especially when you’re ready to start repaying your loan.


NIRSAL PLC isn’t the same as Nirsal Microfinance bank (NMFB)

NIRSAL Plc is a join owner of NMFB

You can transfer money from NMFB when your account has been activated

Are you still having more problem? Drop your questions below and we’ll get unto them.

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148 thoughts on “How To Transfer Your Nirsal Loan From NMFB To Your Bank Account Using *646#”

  1. Tried to sign up my NMFB app, entered account number, and phone but an error message, ‘ phone number mismatch ‘ is what I get. I need assistance pls. Thanks.


  3. I have started my repayment but I just realise when I made a payment this morning my remaining balance was not correct. it’s like they deducted a large some out of it. Why is that so? I’m working hard to pay up but why are they not giving me the accurate balance via text. Is there any other way to double-check this info, please?

  4. Oluleye Toluwase

    I just received a debit alert of #473,500 from my NMFB account i got this debit alert even without a perior credit alert. And I saw my balance as #2000. I tried transferring this balance to another account but it wasn’t going
    What do I do?

  5. Zinatu Abdulazeez

    Dear sir, I have unable to get my otp in other to complete my mobile registration what should I do

  6. Muhammad aminu

    I received a credit alert to my account and my recent balance is 9 900 pls how could I get it to my account pls

  7. How do I transfer from my current account to other bank accounts using the USSD code? I’ve multiple account numbers with Nirsal Mfb and I’ve used the savings account number to activate my USSD

  8. My NMFBb account was credited but my CBN account wasn’t… And the NMFB debited me since 28 of January to 27 of February.. I got the debit details 6 of March… How can the money enter into my CBN account

  9. Hello, My NMFB loan was disbursed since 15/02/2022. instead of credit alert to my commercial bank account. I received Debit alert of 473,500. Pls what do I do?

  10. My account was created and my account number was sent since 18th November 2021 but I haven’t been credited instead I keep getting debit alert of monthly charges when I haven’t even gotten any funds, the account now have a negative balance.

  11. When I tried registering on the app, they say ottp sent, and it was never sent into my phone, please what should Ir do

  12. Victoria okorie

    Good day sir,my loan was approved but went offline due to battery issues when I came back on line I couldn’t access it again,and then I visited d nirsal office and was told I rejected d loan,ever since I dropped my statements nothing has been done,pls sir how do I go abt that

  13. Laisi lukman idowu

    Pls i have been credited and i want to transfer but it’s telling me unknown response contact application support

      1. Yusuf Baba Godowoli

        Did they send you the account number! If yes, you are good to go. Just opebln play store and download the nmfb app and sign up with the account number and proceed with your transfer of fund to any of your desire bank.

        1. Isaiah Seun Makinde

          I have signed up and tried logging in , or is my ID number not my account number to use? And it’s saying network connection error, what could it be the problem??

        2. Abdulmalik Ibrahim

          Hello Brother.
          I didn’t get the alert, but when I opened my nirsal app i saw money in it, i tried to transfer the money but it’s showing me daily amount exceeded, in short I can’t transfer and am not in Nigeria to go to the bank and complain. What do i do please? Please reply me via my email

    1. I have been credited and I want to transfer but it’s telling me unknown response contact application support,please what do I do

  14. Good morning, I have received a moon 22/10/2021 saying that my loan of N500k has been approved, another massage came on 29/10/2021. That my account number has been successfully created with NMFB. But yet to be created. What should I do next

      1. Good morning
        Please my nmfb account has been created, and my loan was paid into it instead of my commercial bank account , I’ve been there 4 times for them to transfer the money to my individual account but so far. No progress. Please what should I do

  15. My loan is approved but am not using my same number as i used so i don’t know how i can get the approval message via my line

  16. Sani Abba Sumaila

    Pls I av some amount in my nisal account how can I withdraw it? I used the code but dey said I don’t av an account pls help

  17. Good evening, the problem a m facing is with the apps, if I a m trying to register my account number and the phone number is telling me that the phone number does not match and if I remove the first zero digit it says “an otp has been sent to your phone number to complete your registration” but nothing in my message inbox. Am looking forward tnx

  18. Haruna Saifullah Faruq

    1,How can I get my login ID, I have account already with NMFB. But I can’t log in to check my details.
    2, I’m a business man I need loan, but I can’t apply I don’t know why.
    3, I need loan of #500, 000 to pay back before it due.

    1. Shuaib Abdulazeez Adeiza

      I received a message this morning twice that my account in NMFB has been credited, after I received an account number some months ago that I have successful create an account with account number ‘0251……’ but this morning when I got the messages I tried to create a pin in order for me to access the account, I was told I don’t have an account with NMFB please help me check the sincerity of the message and account number.

  19. I was credited on 30th August, into my NMFB account, when tried transferring the money to another account for onward use my NMFB mobile was blocked due to multiple trials and later wrote my account is not active. Please help

  20. I lost my phone and since then i have not being able to know my account number, kindly assist me with via my details.


    1. had d same issue… Customer care not helpful… Just wait for ur Monthly SMS Charges alert. U will see ur account number…

  21. Hello, I have been receiving debit alerts for an NMFB account listed under the name of some one else. I am worried I might be held accountable for funds I haven’t used if he defaults on his payments. What do I do?

      1. Umar yawale haruna

        hello. I Have been approve and i dont have nirsal microfinance how can i open the account and get the money int my own Account.

    1. I received a message saying my account had been credited but the name addressed isn’t mine.
      Last night I saw a debit alert of over 300k withdrawn from the said account, a money I know nothing about!!!
      This is so annoying because I really need funds for my business.

      1. I was credited on my NMFB account since on 30th jun, and up to now the money haven’t disbursed in my normal bank account almost more than two months now so what is happening I wanna knw pls thank you

  22. Hello! Good morning sir/ma,
    I have received my covid19 NMFB loan, since July,2021. Pls When do I suppose to start paying the interest?

  23. I want to transfer money into my other account and am not be able to do transfer because of (remark) Most i go to nmfb to transfer the money, and still activated?

  24. I was credited 437k, after few hours they debit me again in nmfb account leaving only 2000k in my account, please how can I get my money back.

  25. Dear Sir,
    Your institution haven’t credited my bank account for the SME loan of #750,000 that you sent me a confirmation letter dated 18th of April 2021.please endeavour to help me to fulfill my business map and repayment graph.
    Thanks for your fidelity.

  26. I have not received credit alert but only to receive debit alert today to the sum of 703,750 from my NMFB account, how can I go about this

  27. I was credited into my nirsal mfb account, some minutes they debited me just leaving 1 plus in the account. Please help, and can I transfer the money to my main account

  28. Hello! My covid19 loan has been approved and my account created but haven’t been credited yet and it’s a week now. What should I do?

      1. My loan was approved and I was credited on the NMFB account, I was still looking for a way to have access to the money, and I received a debit alert, I tried to check my commercial account to know if the money was transferred to my account and it was not there. I currently do not know the next thing to do.

  29. Adesina rofiat

    My covid19 loan have been approved since June I also received message that my account is created successful I download d app check the account but is 00 in trying to recheck the account my account has been blocked due to multiple login and when am going to get alert ppls

  30. I’m having problems in transferring the loan money to another account with the NIRSAL app. There questions is rselect ur beneficiary which I did and the next is a number like 0.00 I put my acc number there and the third is remark so what will I do and write in that remaregard pls sir I need ur attention.

  31. Can some get nyif loan and vivid 19 loan at the same time and also when your account has been created in Nirsal mfb, what does it mean

  32. Please, I received TCF disbursed transfer with a balance of 10,000. How do I transfer that to my commercial bank?

  33. Anyaelesim Hope Adaobi

    i received a text from Nirsal telling me that my account has been created successfully but i didn’t not received creadit alart into my bank account what should i do now

  34. Ndifreke Charles

    Please sir,I want to know if the 2nd batch of the covid19 loan application payment has been approved.
    Thank you

    1. Samuel Arede Gbenebro

      Good day sir/ma.
      1. Money was paid into nmfb account. How can I transfer it to my bank account.
      2. My nmfb account is showing inactive profile when I tried to login. What can I do

        1. Afternoon sir/ma I went there they told me that I should go and wait. So for how long and they have been debiting 4naira every month from the money I was credited since 30th jun.

  35. How do I retrieve my account number?
    It was sent to me early this year, but I lost it along with my phone.

  36. Sir I have applied for CoviD 19 loan in the first batch my application was approved on 26/11/2020 and I accepted the offer but yet to receive my fund in my personal account.

    I visited the NIRSAL microfinance bank and complained about it I was told to go and upgrade my account and I did since December, an account was created for me which contains the balance of N475,500, I asked the fund to be transferred to me, but told me to go and wait that’s the process is automatic. Kindly please check.

    1. Was NMFB account created for you? Were you able to login to NMFB Mobile App? Please, send another complaint to NIRSAL MFB on Twitter @NirsalMFB or on Facebook at or on Instagram at

  37. Hello sir, my NIMFB account profile is not active due to exceeded transaction attempt. I have attempted to transfer the Fund from NIMFB wallet to my personal account, but the transaction is not going at all.
    Plse how do reactivete my profile?

      1. Please sir my NMFB account profile is not active due to exceeded transaction attempt I have attempted to transfer the fund from my NMFB wallet to my personal account , but the transaction is not going at all please how do I reactivate my profile

  38. Awodiran Stephen

    I applied for the covid 19TCF loan and it has been approved,
    I got a message from NMFB that I have issue with my bank which I’ve resolved what’s the next thing please as I’ve not been credited.

      1. Please how do I changed my account number with NMFB,
        Cox the one I gave is a small account.. Its can’t contains much

        1. Hello. Please i want to inquire how long it takes to get credited. The loan was approved for my wife on February 18th we got to know two weeks ago and we went to nirsal at nipost Ikeja the manager gave a form we filled the form inputting her gtb account to receive the money, we also open an account with them which was ready same day.

          It is two weeks now still no money. The manager said the money came to the Ikeja branch but it has been returned to zenith bank Abuja so the form my wife filled and signed is an authorization for her gtb to be credited.

          The manager said it is not in nirsal hand again it is zenith in Abuja that will send the money. They gave use the repayment plan which will start soon. Please does is there anything we need to do or who to contact in Abuja. Your assistance is very appreciated.

          1. Hey Mr Osas,

            Your NMFB account should be credited first and activated, then you make a transfer to your bank account. That’s the normal process. It seems something is missing in your story

      2. Good day sir…. An account was created and credited , and I login on the app but I have missed sim card I was using…. After getting another Sim I couldn’t access my profile pls I need an advice…

    1. Sir, I went to NMFB branch in my state, Rivers precisely, and I showed them the credit alert and they said there is nothing they can do for me. They gave me an email to send my report to it and when I did, the email was invalid. They are now deducting the money. What should I do sir?

  39. Hello dear,
    Please below is part of the information sent to me since February 17th but till i haven’t done anything about it because i don’t know what to do.

    Please kindly from this information direct me properly on what to do.

    Thank you!

    We refer to your application for an SME Loan facility under the COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility Intervention Scheme and are pleased to inform you that the Management of NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘the bank’) has approved the sum of ₦702,525.00, subject to the following terms and conditions:

    1. Frank congratulations, proceed to NMFB branch in your state. The usually use NIPOST , you’ll be directed on how to setup NMFB account where your loan would be deposited. From there you can transfer to your regular bank account.

      Take action NOW

  40. Hello good afternoon sir
    I received a text from nirsal telling me your
    Account has been created successfully but didn’t received a credit alert into my bank account, what is the problem can i keep waiting

    1. Hello Bello,
      Download the NMFB App, use the details sent to you to access the app, change your password. If you’re having an issue accessing your credit facility, visit Nirsal Micro finance bank in your state.

      1. Hello sir I received a message that NMFB has successfully created an account for me then I downloaded the app for registration and change the password but I’m yet to receive any credit alert plz what is the next thing to do?

  41. Oge Marck Onyedika

    Hi! I received a text from Nirsal mfb, telling me to resolve an issue with my bank. That the transaction of the covid-19 household TCF that was made to my preferred account failed. But i don’t really have any issues with my bank account, My account is OK. and a normal savings account. Or could it be that they don’t credit people with HERITAGE BANK ACCOUNT? I need a help from here please

  42. Hello sir, my nmfb account profile is not active due to exceeded transaction attemp,
    Plse how do i reactiveted my profile

    1. i was credited 475,433.76 but cant withdraw don’t know why my account number is 0251907993 Aaron Imonikugbere.( and is a current account) they are saying account not allowed for this transaction. how do i go about it?

  43. Bilyaminu Sajo Dabo

    I was been successfully approved with the Covid-19 loan (HOUSEHOLD) since 23/10/2020 and the account number was created for me by (NMFB) but yet i have not receive the funds.

  44. Pls, how can I retrieve my account details with NMFB.
    I have been to their branch in my area but said their systems are yet to be configured.

  45. Egbainmo Theophilus

    I made a mistake on my bank name while filling out the approval form. Pls sir, I can I correct it to access my cash. Because it’s showing the amount been approved. Thanks.

  46. I tired login but keep getting an error message”time out error” only to be told later that my account has been block for multiple login attempts. That I should visit customer care. What is the way forward?

  47. sir,I was applied covid19 loan since April when I check with my bvn it tell me ,your has not approve please check back later ,we are aplied with my friends already got their loan,sir what is the problem ,the loan or amount I was seek is 3,000,000,000.

          1. Epelle Loveday Chinmuanya

            Please hw do I access the account because I kept on getting debit allert withouth knowing the account number it self pls I need help

          2. Hello Chinmuanya, I think something is wrong somewhere. It means someone already has access to your NMFB details, chat me up on 08027024054

  48. Please Dear Ma/Sir,

    I tried using the Nfmb mobile app to transfer part of my approved loan to my bank account 2 months ago which was successful and the rest about 325,000 still hanging in the Nfmb account, as l can no longer login into the mobile app.

    I have visited the branch in Ikeja to regularize my account and also filling a form to get paid in my bank account and still yet haven’t been credited and still yet l was given the repayment slip which starts commencing this year November.

    l was only been blamed and that is my fault for using the mobile Nfmb app in doing a transfer. And the last time I heard from them they were saying that their system is on upgrade and they have been restricted to do transfer for now.

    1. Hello Gabriel,

      Report at their office again. If you are suspecting a foul play. Contact your EDI and file a complaint to the CBN immediately.

      We’d like to follow up on this. Kindly send your full story and experience to infomediang19 (at) gmail dot com

      1. Please sir,my nmfb covid19 household loan was approved and my account created.I got it activated and my pin set up.This morning I received a debit alert on my phone but never received a credit alert, check the app and saw my balances reading “-250,000” in the savings account and “1,946” in the current account.please what do I do?

  49. Please sir/ma, I want to know why I have not been credited, since 9/10/2020 the loan was approved, I mean nmbf covid19 household loan.

      1. Abdullahi Alhassan jafar

        Please sir/ma, I want to know why I have not been credited, since 13/11/2020 the loan was approved, I mean nmbf covid19 household loan.

      2. I got an alert of #713,000 on the nmfb account…I was Immediately debited of #703,000 leaving the account.what could be the cause and how can access and transfer the funds in the nmfb

        1. If no one has access to your account, the debit justifies one of the allegations against NMFB. You are not the first to complain about this. Contact NMFB branch in your state of residence.

          1. I have opened an account with nmfb already, just for me to login they started requesting for login ID of which I don’t know, please help

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