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Oye Hassan-Odukale and His Strides in Insurance Sector

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If there is anyone who was able to maintain the footprints of their father and able to make a significant impact in Nigerian and across Africa, it is Oye Hassan-Odukale, who sustained the legacy of his father who founded Leadway Assurance Company Limited


  • Full name: Oyekanmi Hassan-Odukale
  • Alma mater: University of Houston
  • Investment interest: Insurance, Banking, Stocks and securities
  • Nation honour: MFR
  • Father: Sir Olusola Hassan Odukale
  • Brother: Tunde Hassan-Odukale

The corporate professional who followed the footprints of his late father spent several years serving in one of the leading insurance companies in Nigeria, the Leadway Assurance Company Limited


The insurance guru is a graduate of the prestigious University of Houston where he bagged bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration.


Oyekanmi did not kick start his practice with his father’s company but honed his skill practising his profession in other top-ranked insurance companies where he became familiar with the nitty-gritty of the insurance industry.

In 1994, he joined Leadway Assurance, an insurance company that was created by his late father Sir Olusola Hassan Odukale, a Nigerian self-made millionaire and leading entrepreneur.

The company was founded in 1970 with the foresight of increasing local participation in an industry dominated by foreign companies.

He took over the leadership of the company after his father’s passing and stirred the company to greatness beyond what his father left behind.

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The successful corporate professional who has gathered a wealth of experience in insurance brokerage, underwriting, investments and general management before he joined Leadway Assurance Company Limited where he occupied the position of Managing Director/ CEO knew what to do to continue driving the company to greatness.

Exchange of Leadership at Leadway

After building on the legacies of his father at the insurance company, Oye Odukale stepped down passing the baton to his brother Tunde Hassan-Odukale who now occupy the position.

His retirement from the Insurance company did not become the end of his career as he was appointed as the chairman of FBN Bank Ltd (UK), a position he currently occupies.

Becoming the Chairman of the UK branch of FBN Bank Ltd. has provided him with new goals and the opportunity to put his expertise to use to lead the company to one of the outstanding banks in the UK.

Net Worth

The new wort of Oye Hassan-Odukale isn’t in the public domain. But he’s one of the wealthiest families in Nigeria.

He showed his wealth in June 2018 when he gave out his daughter (Salewa) in marriage to Nonso Osakwe in Barcelona, Spain.

Final Thought

Oyekanmi Hassan Odukale is indeed a master in the world of insurance and banking. He has proven his mastery by stirring the ship of Leadway Insurance for over three decades with evidence of improvement from where his late father stopped.

More so, to show that his retirement from the company does not connote he is tired, he accepted his appointment as the chairman of FBN Bank (UK) Ltd. to continue his good work.

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