How to delete your Google Account and Data (with PHOTOS)


You can delete Google account if there is any reason you don’t want your data to remain with Google or because of personal reason, here is the guide to permanently remove your data from Google data base.


Deleting your account means that you won’t have access to Google services.
Some of the Google products and services include:

  1. Google Play,
  2. Gmail,
  3. YouTube,
  4. Drive,
  5. Translates,
  6. Google Maps,
  7. Bloggers,
  8. Google Console, T
  9. rends, etc.

“You’ll no longer be able to use any of those services, and your account and data will be lost.”

Follow the steps below to delete your Google account using your tablet device, you can also follow this guide on laptops or desktop.

Let’s get started using Chrome on tablet phone

Step 1:

Login to your account on Chrome or any other browsers that can load all the options in Google dashboard.

Step 2:

Look for other options, if you can’t find that, click Google icon by the top left side of your android screenDelete Google Account

Step 3:

Click the option to view other Google products and services as you can see in the photo below

Step 4:

Click “My Account” and scroll down to account preferences and select “Delete your account or services”Delete Google Account

Google will ask you to confirm your understanding of the services you’re losing access to. It will ask for your password, a final confirmation and you’ll still need to pay any pending charges you might happen to have.

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Step 5:

Select “Delete Google account”Delete Google Account

Step 6:

Reenter your password. This is unusual for one to delete his account, if something hasn’t gone wrong, that’s why you’re required to enter your password before proceeding on the final steps.

Step 7:Delete Google Account

Read the instructions carefully because you won’t be able to receive messages via your email address again and your access to other Google services will terminate .

Step 8:

You have the option to download your data if you need it.Delete Google Account

Step 9:

Check all of the boxes if you don’t want anything left.

“You also could lose access to services outside of Google where you use For example, if you use this email address as a recovery email for your bank account, you may have difficulty resetting your bank password. If you proceed, you’ll need to update your email address everywhere you use it outside of Google.”

Step 10:Delete Google Account

Hit delete. That’s all.

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