Top 20 Products Italy Export the Most


In 2021, exports from Italy to the rest of the world were valued at $597 Billion USD, making the country ranked No. 7 in terms of exports among 226 countries.

Italy also imported goods and services worth $570 Billion USD , according to The Observatory Economic Complexity (OEC). But this article focuses on Italy’s top exports.

Italy’s export market

Italy’s exporting sector is huge so it provides many opportunities for Italians that sell their high-value products to the United States and Europe.


If we put the country’s exports in perspective, it continues to boost the Italian economy, making it among the strongest in the world.

For instance, Italy’s current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is US $2.71 trillion, making it the eighth largest economy in the world.

Italy is also the 4th largest economy in Europe, thanks to its exports and productive and manufacturing sector.

Products Italy export the most

Italian leather footwear might be the most popular product in the country, but in reality, it isn’t Italy’s top export. OEC (2022) data shows that the top five products Italy exports are: refined petroleum, pharmaceutical products, vehicle parts, cars, and gold.

However, most of Italy’s top 20 exports and their value are:

  1. Refined Petroleum: 25,040
  2. Pharmaceuticals: 20,159
  3. Vehicle parts: 12,839
  4. Cars: 9,587
  5. Gold: 9,248
  6. Valves: 8,244
  7. Leather footwear: 7,145
  8. Other furniture: 6,355
  9. Jewellery: 6,247
  10. Wine: 6,196
  11. Washing and Bottling Machines: 5,822
  12. Trunks and Cases: 5,568
  13. Machinery Having Individual Functions: 4,874
  14. Air pumps: 4,789
  15. Trucks: 4,563
  16. Liquid pumps: 4,128
  17. Tanned Equine and Bovine Hides: 3,800
  18. Excavation Machinery: 3,623
  19. Transmissions: 3,552
  20. Other Heating Machinery: 3,500
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Italy’s exports by country

You might want to ask, “Which countries does Italy export to most?”. Germany, the U.S., France, Spain, and Switzerland are the top five exporting partners of Italy. Other Itay’s export partners around the world, according to Trading Economics and the value of exports as of 2022 are:

  1. Germany: $86.76B
  2. United States: $73.12B
  3. France: $69.90B
  4. Spain: $35.77B
  5. Switzerland: $34.60B
  6. United Kingdom: $30.60B
  7. Belgium: $25.61B
  8. Poland: $21.73B
  9. Netherlands: $20.88B
  10. China: $18.59B
  11. Austria: $16.04B
  12. Turkey: $15.16B
  13. Romania: $10.85B
  14. Czech Republic: $9.56B
  15. Japan: $9.05B
  16. Slovenia: $8.01B
  17. South Korea: $7.95B
  18. Greece: $7.41B
  19. Sweden: $7.23B
  20. Canada: $7.21B

The best markets for Italian goods

From what you can see above, the best markets for Italian exports are within Europe. This is most likely because of the geographic proximity between Italy and the rest of European countries.

Apart from the United States which make up its top five export destination, the other four are within Europe. Considering the cost in international trade, shipping to a closer destination typically costs less than it does to ship to a destination outside your continent.

But this doesn’t stop the fact that Italy still imports crude oil from countries such as Nigeria – which has dysfunctional refineries – and sells back to them, though not in the top 20.

Another factor that influences Italy’s exports within Europe is the continuity of trade laws between different countries in the European Union (EU), making trading between Italy and the rest of EU countries easier. Compatible trade laws are a key.


  • Refined Petroleum, pharmaceuticals, vehicle parts, cars and gold are the products Italy export most.
  • Most of Italy’s export partners are domiciled within Europe because of proximity.
  • The country’s giant stride in exports contributed immensely to its economy, making Italy 8th largest economy globally and the fourth biggest economy in Europe.
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