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4 Key Requirements To Upgrade Your Bank Account To Remove Credit Limitation

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 01:21 pm


Since the application for COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility began, a lot of applicants who got loan offers have had to face the challenge of receiving their funds in their designated bank account.

if you operate a tier 1 account, you won’t be able to receive funds beyond that limit. If your bank account can only receive N200,000 and you get a loan offer of N500,000, your loan won’t be disbursed.

We’ll tell you how to resolve this problem issue. Before that, here are some of the related problems some applicants are facing:


Abdul, one of our followers asked:

“Please how do I changed my account number with NMFB,
because the one I gave can only receive small amount. It can’t receive higher amount, what can I do?

Similarly, another InfomediaNG user Isah asked:

 “Hello sir, my NMFB account profile is not active due to exceeded transaction attempt. I have attempted to transfer the Fund from NIMFB wallet to my personal account, but the transaction is not going at all. Please how do I reactivate my profile?

2 Things To Do To Get Your COVID-19 TCF Loan.

Do these two things to receive your COVID-19 TCF loan

If you’re a tier 1 account holder, kindly visit your bank to upgrade your account. If you’re a tier 1 account holder, your account is restricted. You will have to upgrade it

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How to upgrade your bank account

To upgrade your bank account to accommodate higher funds,  kindly visit a branch of your bank with the following:

  • Valid ID card
  • Utility bill
  • Request for account upgrade form from customer support
  • Fill the customer information upgrade form

Valid ID cards include the National ID card (NIMC), Voter’s Card, Driver’s license, International passport


Ensure that the name on your application matches the name on your account to avoid a mismatch during payment.

That’s how to upgrade your bank account for the COVID-19 TCF loan. Visit your bank to remove the limitation placed on your account today and get your credit facility immediately.

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