Using Badges on Google’s Image Search as Traffic Tactics

Image search can now help you find exactly what you really want while on mobile devices because of relevant badges on the thumbnails, thanks to Google’s Image Search Team.

Currently, Google has badges for recipes, videos, products, and animated images (GIFs).

Using Badges on Google’s Image Search as Traffic Tactics

According to Image Search Team at Google, “If you have images on your site, you can help users identify the type of content associated with the image by using appropriate structured data on your pages.

This helps users find relevant content quickly and sends better-targeted traffic to your site.

For instance, if you’re publishing recipes, add Recipe markup on your page, for products, add Product markup, and for videos, add Video markup.

With the new development, Google’s Search algorithms will automatically badge GIFs, without the need of any markup.

“While we can’t guarantee that badges will always be shown, adding the recommended structured data fields in addition to the required fields may increase the chance of adding a badge to your image search results.”

You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool to verify that your pages are free of errors, and therefore eligible for the new Image Search badges.

In addition, the Rich Cards report in Search Console can provide aggregate stats on your markup.

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