4G LTE Supported Phones in Nigeria and Their Price

Live streaming, fast video download and internet at a speed of light requires advanced bandwidth. In this post we’ll list 4G LTE supported phones in Nigeria and their market value.

If you’re still using 2G or 3G phones, you might be missing out on some of the benefits of using a 4G supported phones.

Even if your phone is compatible with 4G, you may still need to upgrade your SIM card to use 4G.

In one of our guides, we covered how to upgrade your Airtel SIM card to this telecommunication technology while you get 4GB data the same time.

Most popular telecom firms that support 4G in some cities are:

  • Airtel
  • Spectranet
  • Glo
  • Smile
  • MTN
  • 9Mobile
  • Swift

Even if your network provider is on this technology, but model of your phone isn’t supported you won’t still be able to enjoy fast browsing.

Check phone makers that are on 4G LTE

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Tecno
  • Infinix
  • Huawei
  • Injoo
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Lenovo
  • Gionee
  • Blackberry

Let’s take them one after the one to highlight which of their models supports 4G LTE.

iPhone 4G LTE Supported phones in Nigeria and their price

iPhone iterations 4G LTE Status Market Value in Naira
iPhone 7 Yes 185,000-260,000 Naira
iPhone 7 Plus Yes 255,000-360,000Naira
iPhone 5s Yes 107K to 160K
iPhone 6 Yes 150K to 240K
iPhone 6s Yes 155K to 250K
iPhone 6s Plus Yes 195K to 259K
iPhone 6 Plus Yes 160K to 190K
iPhone SE Yes 140K to 180,000 Naira
iPhone 5c Yes 85K to 130, 000 Naira
iPhone XR Yes 350K to 430,000 Naira
iPhone 5 Yes 107K to 160, 000 Naira
iPhone 8 Plus Yes 295K-330,000 Naira
iPhone X Yes 340K-380,000 Naira
iPhone XS Max Yes 450K-550,000 Naira
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The price above is subject to change depending on whether you’re buying a brand new or refurbished iPhone and the location of purchase. Lagos price is cheaper than other locations in Nigeria.

Please due your due diligence, compare prices before buying any phone, putting into consideration factors to look out for in a phone.

Samsung 4G LTE Supported Phones

Samsung has more than 70 of its models which are 4G Samsung compatible, find them below and their market value in Nigeria.

Samsung phones 4G Status Market Value in Naira
Galaxy J5 Yes 45K to 55K
Galaxy J7 Yes 70K to 130K
Galaxy J2 Yes 40K to 85K
Galaxy J5 Prime Yes 100K to 150, 000
Galaxy A7 Yes 110K to 140, 000
Galaxy S6 edge Yes 170 to 240, 000
Galaxy A5 Yes 75K to 85,000
Galaxy Ace 3 Yes 30K to 40, 000
Galaxy Note Edge Yes 145K to 240, 000
Galaxy Alpha Yes 84K to 120K
I9190 Galaxy S4 mini Yes 52K to 55, 000
I9505 Galaxy S4 Yes 20K to 26, 000
Galaxy J3 Pro Yes 60K to 78, 000
Galaxy J Max Yes 55K to 110K
Galaxy J1 4G Yes 23K to 30, 000
Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 Yes 90K to 100, 000
Galaxy S7 active Yes 210K to 290, 000
Galaxy S5 Neo Yes 150K 120, 000
Galaxy J1 Ace Yes 20K upwards
Galaxy A3 Yes 100K to 190, 000
Galaxy On7 Yes 35K to 45, 000
Galaxy Grand 2 Yes 45K to 55, 000
Galaxy C7 Yes 110K to 230, 000
Galaxy A3 Yes 90k to 120K
Galaxy C5 Yes 90K to 105, 000
Galaxy E7 Yes 60K to 70, 000
Galaxy S5 Yes 80K to 100, 000
Galaxy Note5 Yes 220K 250, 000
Galaxy Grand Prime Yes 30K to 45, 000
Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) Yes 90K to 140, 000
Galaxy On8 Yes 70K below
Galaxy S6 Yes 180 to 240, 000
Galaxy Note 3 Yes 85K to 125, 000
Galaxy J7 (2016) Yes 42K to 60, 000
Galaxy J7 Prime Yes 125K to 180, 000
Galaxy S7 edge Yes 340, 000 below
Galaxy Mega 2 Yes 100K downward
I9305 Galaxy S III Yes 70K downward
Galaxy A8 Duos Yes Below 180, 000
I9295 Galaxy S4 Active Yes Below 13, 000
Galaxy K zoom Yes Below 80, 000
Galaxy S5 LTE-A G906S Yes Below 40K
Galaxy S4 zoom Yes Below 64, 000
Galaxy S7 edge Yes 290K to 340, 000
Galaxy S4 mini I9195I Yes Below 65K
Galaxy S6 active Yes Below 190,000
Galaxy Note 4 Duos Yes Below 140K
Galaxy Xcover 3 Yes 25, 000 to 25, 000
Galaxy A5 Duos Yes Below 80K
Galaxy A3 Duos Yes Below 95, 000
Galaxy S5 Active Yes Below 110, 000
Galaxy S7 Yes Below 340K
Galaxy S6 edge+ Duos Yes Below 19, 000
Galaxy J5 Yes 30K to 45, 000
Galaxy S7 Yes 220K to 330, 000
Galaxy J3 (2016) Yes Below 45, 000
Galaxy A5 (2016) Yes Below 170, 000
Galaxy Note 4 Yes Below 130, 000
Galaxy A8 (2016) Yes Below 240, 000
Galaxy J1 (2016) Yes Below 40, 000
Galaxy A8 Yes Below 270, 000
Galaxy Note II N7100 Yes Below 80, 000
Galaxy A7 Yes Below 140, 000
Galaxy S6 edge+ Yes Below 190K
Galaxy Core Prime yes Below 51, 000
Galaxy Note 3 Neo Yes Below 90K
Galaxy Note5 Duos Yes
Galaxy S5 mini Below 80, 000
Galaxy Grand Max Yes N45,000 to N50,000
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