How to get Hungary Study Visa from Nigeria

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Thinking of studying in one of the European countries? Here’s how to acquire Hungary study visa, but we’ll like to share some quick tips with you about the country.

Quick facts about Hungary before taking your study trip there

Hungary is country located in the Central Europe with Budapest as its capital. It is also be noted that Turkish and Roman have powerful influence on Hungarian culture in the the popularity of mineral spas, including at thermal Lake Hévíz.


Hungary also an attractive sovereign state with a considerable inexpensive way of living, low priced educational fees, accessible to Western and Eastern Europe, a good place for international students.

Best cities in Hungary for education are: Debreen, Szeged, Budapest and Curwvinus.

Hungarian official currency

The official currency in Hungary is Forint (HUF). However you can pay with Euros at several places. The hungarian banks offer better exchange rates than the foreign ones, so it’s better to exchange money in Budapest than getting Hungarian Forints abroad

Can international students work in Hungary?

In our research we found International students are not allowed to work in Hungary while studying unlike U.K, United States, Canada where international students are allowed to workand study simultaneously.

The minimum wage in Hungary as at July 2018 was 418.47 EUR per month, this is applicable to citizens not international students since they are not allowed to work.

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Hungary is also second world country, being a Soviet satellite.

How to get Hungary Study Visa from Nigeria

The type of visa for Nigerian students is D – 5 student and residence permit to be issued by the Hungarian Embassy.

This visa is in two categories of studies based on the duration. To attend an Institute, College or University for a period of six months, you only require a visa.

For any form of study with duration of above six months requires a visa and resident permit to be issued by Regional Directorate of the office for Immigration and Nationality in Hungary.

The duration for processing the visa takes two months, and it comes with a multiple entry access.

Non European Union citizens who wants to study in Hungary with duration of above ninety days successively requires a long term visa to live there.

The study visa documents for application are different, therefore make proper enquiries before applying. The student visa is applied for prior to departure at the Hungarian consulate or Embassy in your home country of residence.

To avoid any form of hitches, apply earlier prior to your traveling, it will take at least one month or more to get through with the visa.

Requirements for Hungary Study Visa

  • Tuition fee proof of payment.
  • Admission letter from the institution.
  • An international passport with at least six months validity period before travel date.
  • Photocopy of international passport page with your information.
  • Current passport photograph.
  • Health insurance policy documents.
  • A verifiable proof of address or residence in Hungary.
  • Bank statement of at least six months.
  • Completed visa application form.
  • Three addressed stamped envelopes to the applicant.
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The scheduled appointment at the consulate is four to six weeks headway, then the visa processing time takes up to six weeks.

The residence permit must be applied for within fifteen days upon arrival in Hungary. It is applicable to European Union and Non European Union citizens that would stay more than ninety days in Hungary.

Residence Permit Requirement For European Union European Economic Area Citizens

  • Tuition fee proof of payment.
  • Proof of admission and related documents of the University in Hungary.
  • Health insurance policy proof.

Student Application Process

  • Submit in person the residence permit application at the Hungarian Embassy in Abuja. It takes three weeks to process the application.
  • When you in Hungary, register your residence with the local authorities upon arrival.

Above all, Hungary is a good place to study.

Final thought

One of the most important things before getting Hungary Study Visa from Nigeria is for you to read about what your intending country of host can also offer you in exchange for your academic pursuit.

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