20 Largest National Parks In South Africa By Area


The availability of several spectacular natural landscapes and ecosystems in South Africa makes the tourism industry in the country a flourishing one.

Tourists troops into SA to explore nature in its original form.

South Africa has several national parks that boast of the African Big Five that attract numerous visitors every day, from different parts of the world.


In this post, we explore the top 20 largest national parks in South Africa based on their land area and size

1) Kruger National Park

Kruger Park is the largest national park in South Africa, with an area of 19,485 km2. The park is home to over 160 animals, including lions, antelopes, African wild dogs, etc. It is a top-notch spot in the country that brings millions of tourists each year.

  • Area: 19,485 km2.
  • Location: Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

2) Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The park, originally meant to secure migratory species, is located in both South Africa and Botswana.

Kgalagadi Park is the second largest park in South Africa, covering a whopping 14,668 square miles.

It is famous not only for housing various types of animals but also for being completely covered with reddish dunes.

  • Area: 14,668 square miles.
  • Location: Kgalagadi District, Botswana / Northern Cape, South Africa

3) |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Measuring 6 045 km2 and connecting South Africa and Namibia today, the park is the third largest park in South Africa, it spans some of the most outstanding natural scenery in southern Africa.

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The territories being occupied by the Park are renowned geological locations with a reputation for housing most of the best succulent flora in the globe.

  • Area: 6,045 km2
  • Location: Northern Cape, South Africa

4) iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Formerly called Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, this Wetland Park is a very large one with vast natural ecosystems.

It includes St. Lucia Marine Sanctuary, St. Lucia Game Reserve, False Bay Park, Lake Eteza Nature Reserve, Kosi Bay, and so on.

  • Area: 3,280 km²
  • Location: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

5) Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park is filled with numerous elephants as well as other wildlife species, such as lions, zebras, black rhinos, etc.

It is a popular tourist destination in South Africa that attracts numerous visitors interested in exploring African wildlife in a safe setting.

  • Area: 1,640 km²
  • Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa

6) Tankwa Karoo National Park

Situated on the southern border of the Northern Cape, Tankwa Karoo National Park is the sixth-largest park in the former Apartheid country.

The territories it occupies are known to be the driest land in the country, and there is a whole lot to do at the park, irrespective of your expectations.

  • Area: 1,436 km²
  • Location: Northern Cape, South Africa

7) Namaqua National Park

The Park is a beautiful one that is loved for different reasons, particularly due to its reputation for protecting a diverse range of vegetation and species.

There are over 3000 different plant species at Namaqua National Park, and visitors can also explore its several fantastic trails.

  • The land area of Namaqua National Park is 1,368 km²
  • Location: Northern Cape Province, South Africa

8) Garden Route National Park

Garden Route National Park is outstanding for its beautiful surroundings, offering fun lovers and adventurers a whole lot to engage in.

  • Area: 1,210 km²
  • Location: Garden Route region of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces, South Africa.
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9) Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park is an amazing tourist center and is larger than several others in the country.

  • Area: 820 km²
  • Location: Northern Cape Province, South Africa

10) Karoo National Park

Karoo National Park is unique for its solitude, with an interesting atmosphere and landscape despite housing various animals and birds.

Unlike certain other parks in South Africa, this is a large desert-like one that nourishes certain plants despite its tough environment.

  • Area: 767.9 km²
  • Location: Western Cape, South Africa

11) Marakele National Park

Marakele National Park is home to several animals including rhinos, elephants, and lions. This park is sitting between two ecosystems, giving it a sort of uniqueness and peculiarity that makes it easy to support a varied array of fauna and plants.

  • Area: 670 km²
  • Location: Limpopo, South Africa

12) Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park is not as big as certain others in the country, but it is a famous tourist destination with a lot to offer.

In 1979, via the popular Operation Genesis, the government of the day spent millions of Rand just to relocate many wildlife species to its territories.

  • Area: 572 km²
  • Location: Pilanesberg, North West Province, South Africa

13) West Coast National Park

West Coast National Park is a very vibrant tourist destination that is located on South Africa’s west coast.

One of its major attractions is the Langebaan Lagoon, as well as its stunning multi-colored landscapes.

  • Area: 362.59 square kilometers
  • Location: Western Cape, South Africa

14) Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park is another prominent tourist destination in South Africa that is home to different unique animals such as black wildebeest, blesbok, oribi, etc.

  • Area: 340 km²
  • Location: Free State, South Africa

15) Mountain Zebra National Park

Like the name rightly suggests, the park majorly revolves around Mountain zebras (you will find more of these animals here much more than in several other places).

  • Area: 284 km²
  • Location: Eastern Cape province, South Africa
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Mountain Zebra National Park is the 15th largest park in South Africa.

16) Mapungubwe National Park

Mapungubwe National Park is one of those tourist centers in South Africa with a very rich history. There are different proofs that suggested that human settlements have been going on in the area since the Iron Age.

  • Area of Mapungubwe National Park is 280 km²
  • Location: Limpopo, South Africa

17) Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park can boast of various lovely beaches and nice highlands. It is a unique national park where you can experience adventure and nature on a different level.

  • Area: 221 km²
  • Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

18) Agulhas National Park

Agulhas National Park is South Africa’s 18th largest park. The park is also unique for its location – the Cape of Storms.

  • Area: 209.6 km²
  • Location: Western Cape, South Africa

19) Mokala National Park

Mokala National Park is a young one in South Africa, considering that it was established just in 2007.

However, it is a very fascinating place that is home to animals of different species, including famous ones like Black Rhino, White Rhino, Springbok etc.

  • Area: 196.11 km2
  • Location: Northern Cape, South Africa

20) Camdeboo National Park

A tourist’s delight, Camdeboo National Park has a whole lot to offer adventure lovers too. A top national park, it occupies over 14000 hectares of lovely greenery. Aside from hosting several wildlife species, it also has several hiking paths and walking routes.

  • Area: 194 km²
  • Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa


These are the largest national parks in South Africa that attract millions of tourists from all over the world and contribute greatly to the economy of the country.

Although, South Africa has more than 50 tourist locations including the famous Sani Pass that attract millions of tourists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries around the world.

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