Want To Get UAE Work Visa within 45 Days? Here’s How To Go About It

Last updated on August 14th, 2021 at 07:28 am


With many employment openings in Dubai and other parts of  United Arab Emirates, the country is particularly known for her hundreds of employment opportunities every year. This post contains what you need to know for you to obtain your UAE work visa hitch-free.

The opportunities in UAE abound in skilled and unskilled labor. This has lead to the influx of foreigners, most especially Nigerians, seeking employment through Dubai Visa.

To this effect the authority always appraise the documentation requirements for those who want to live or work there.


Until recently, the electronic visa were sent from Dubai-based employer, but that has changed.

Effective March 2018, all the visa process was changed, unlike before everything was sent from there to your home country, now it has to be completed at the UAE embassy before traveling.

The process of filling documents for visa must be done at UAE Embassy or Visa centers in Nigeria.

At the issuance of visa, you have 45 days to complete the registration, failure to do that before stipulated time will render it null and void.

Requirements for UAE work visa within 45 days

  • Confirm the originality of employment visa
  • Education documents
  • Marriage certificate if you’re married
  • Obtain medical report at UAE designated hospital
  • Appointment for biometrics capturing
  • Print appointment letter
  • Prepare for financial exigencies
  • Get your visa
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Confirm the originality of employment visa

Having received the employment letter from UAE, confirm the authenticity with the Embassy in Nigeria.

Education documents

For your UAE work visa to be ready within 45 days, it’s very important that you get all your educational documents ready, take them to UAE Embassy in Nigeria.

Marriage certificate if you’re married

You will require a marriage certificate if married and with the children their birthday certificate. If this isn’t ready begin the process right away.

Obtain medical report at UAE designated hospital

The Embassy have some certified hospitals to conduct substantial medical checkup – you will be required to visit one of such for proper checkup which the report will be amongst the documents to be presented.

Some of them at the time of filing this report are:

Garki Hospital

Tafawa Balewa Way, Area 3,

Garki District, PMB 656, Garki Abuja

Price:  Price may change, but at the time of putting this guide together, it’s 37,000 Naira

Time frame to get your medical report: Within seven days.

Nigerian-Turkish Nizamiye Hospital

Plot 133 sector S, Cadastral Zone, Life Camp, Abuja

Price: 73,000 Naira

Time frame to get your medical report: Not more than 48 hours

Appointment for biometrics capturing

Next is to book an appointment for biometrics online by sending details of your international passport and details of the visa you received from Dubai. Afterwards a confirmation would be sent to you for interview.


Your international passport must have a validity of at least six months from the intended travel date.

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Print appointment letter: Print copy of your appointment letter.

The copy of visa/ invitation by your employment in UAE.

A payment receipt for the biometrics data, other payments can be made at the Embassy using any bank card – MasterCard and Visa Card.

The following banks uses MasterCard

Prepare for financial exigencies

Make sure to prepare for payments because failure to do that will terminate your appointment for that day. Going for bank deposit may be late at this point. You may be required to book another day for the appointment.

Get your visa

Should the biometrics be successful, your results will be ready after 72 hours which will be sent to UAE and back to Nigeria to be printed on your passport.

Final thought

Congratulations as you just got your UAE work visa within 45 days. Note that failure to process all documents within the 45-day time frame will lead to the cancellation of your visa, why failure to abide by the rules may also lead to rejection of your visa application.

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