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Top 20 Worst Passport In 2021 According to Henley & Partners Ranking

Last updated on November 23rd, 2021 at 04:34 pm

Nigerian passport is one of the worst passports, ranking alongside Ethiopia, the two most populous African countries. The two most populated African countries are ranked 103 with 43 visa-free scores out of 116 in the world.

The ranking, according to Henley & Partners, travel by investment and residence advisory firm, was based on the most travel-friendly passports in the world.

Japan, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, France, Canada, and UK are some of the top most powerful passports that could make holders enter not less than 170 countries without the need for a travel visa.

Afghanistan passport is the worst with 26 travel-free scores, followed by Iraq with 28 score, ranking 115 in the 227 travel destinations in the latest H&P Passport Index which based its travel data it obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

What does this mean?

Nigerian passport only has 45 visa-free countries on its list which hold few business opportunities.

Some of the peculiar things about most of the countries whose passports are lowly-rated is war, internal crisis, ethnic crisis, and terrorism among others.

It means apart from the 45 lowly-rated countries Nigeria passport can access, the holder will have to obtain a visa in order to enter other destination countries

It also shows that African nations like the Central African Republic (52), Chad (53), Kenya (72), and Botswana with 86 scores are better than Nigeria in terms of most travel-friendly passports across the globe.

Country Rank Visa-Free Score
Afghanistan 116 26
Iraq 115 28
Syria 114 29
Pakistan 113 31
Yemen 112 33
Somalia 111 34
Palestinian territory, Nepal 110 37
North Korea 109 39
Kosovo, Libya, Bangladesh 108 40
Sudan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lebanon 107 41
Democratic Republic of Congo 106 42
Eritrea 105 43
South Sudan 104 44
Nigeria, Ethiopia 103 45
Myanmar 102 46
Djibouti 101 47
Haiti, Congo 100 48
Laos, Liberia 99 49
Cameroon, Jordan, Angola 98 50
Burundi, Egypt 97 51
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Wrapping up:

At InfomediaNG Business Solutions, we expect the countries that make the list of worst passports in 2021 to make their country safer, be transparent in budget implementation, reduce corruption among immigration officials to the minimum. All these indicators play a crucial role when ranking passports. 

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