Turkey Visa Information for Nigerians: Requirements, How to Apply

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Turkey is quite unique in the sense that it is located in both Europe and Asia. The country has become a viable business hub with a booming economy, which explains why a lot of people are interested in residing there.

In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about obtaining Turkey Visa in Nigeria.

The official language in Turkey is Turkish, although English is another popular language in the country.


There are a lot of Nigerians currently in Turkey, and anyone with a Nigerian passport needs a visa to get to the country.

Travellers who desire to travel to Turkey must know the intricacies involved in applying for a visa and should know the types of visas available.

Turkey Visa Requirements

Irrespective of the type of Turkish visa you desire to apply for, there are some important documents that must be in place.

These documents include:

• A Valid Nigerian Passport  

• A Duly filled application form

• Passport-size photos

• Documents supporting the purpose of the planned visit.

• Proof of health insurance

• Evidence of payment of visa application fee

• Documentation of financial capacity

• Visa processing fee (varies depending on visa type and your nationality).

Types of Visas

People have different reasons for wanting to travel to Turkey, and so, need to know the available types of Turkey visas, and recognize which apply to them.

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There are majorly two types of visas to get to Turkey:

• The single-entry visas

• The multiple-entry visas

The single-entry visas will allow you to only one entry into Turkey. Please note that if for any reason a traveler leaves the country before completing the duration permitted by their visa, they cannot return to the country with that same visa.

But for multiple-entry visas, you can exit and return to the country any time within the duration permitted by their visa.

Turkey visa
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As Nigerians, we need to know that there are specific Turkey visas that apply to us, and they include:

Turkish Tourist visa

This visa is for those who want to visit family members, relatives and friends in the country. Tourist visas are single-entry visas and they are valid for up to 3 months

If you want this, you have to provide your itineraries, and also provide proof that they can financially sustain themselves during your stay in Turkey.

Turkish Business Visa

For those visiting Turkey for brief meetings, conferences or lectures. This type of visas are usually valid for 3 months. To obtain this visa, you must provide necessary documents supporting your reason for traveling.

Turkish Student Visa

A student visa is a multiple-entry visa, and it is issued to those with the desire to study in Turkey. The criteria for this visa is that the institution must have granted admission to you before you can apply for the visa.

Turkish Work Visa

If you want to work there, you need this visa. The Turkish employers of these applicants have to send proof of employment to the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS).

With this type of visa, you can apply for residence permits within 30 days of your arrival in the country. It should also be added that you have to prove that you are financially capable of paying for your accommodation and other maintenance costs when you arrive the country.

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Turkish Research Visa

If your purpose of being in Turkey is for research purposes, then get the Research visa. Take note that if you are going as a team, each member would need to present a copy of their application form and a passport photo.

Turkish Transit Visa

The Turkish transit visa is issued to those who want to pass through to another country.

Address and Location of Turkey Embassy in Nigeria: Full Contact Details

Abuja Embassy 5, Amazon Street, (Minister’s Hill),Maitama

+2348036848981 (09)4139457

Where to Get a Turkish Visa Application Form in Nigeria

You can obtain online or simply by sending a visa form request letter to the visa section of the Turkish embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.

How to Schedule a Turkish Visa Appointment in Nigeria

This should be done online, and you should ensure you take this step at least 8 weeks before the travel date.

Once the necessary information is submitted online while scheduling an appointment, you would instantly receive the due notification, telling you of the travel date.

It should also be added that you should book only one appointment within a month.

After an appointment has been scheduled online, you should print out the confirmation page (which shows proof of scheduled appointment)

How and Where to Pay Turkish Visa Fees

You can make payments online through the Turkey e -visa portal as well as at the Turkey visa application center. Once payments have been made and the application has been submitted, the status of the application can then be tracked online.

How Much Is Turkey Visa Fee?

Since there are various types of Turkish visas, then price differs. Here is something you can work with. Don’t forget that these rates are liable to change with time and circumstance.

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• Turkey Tourist Visa – 100 USD

• Turkey Student Visa – 80 USD

• Turkey Business Visa – 120 USD

• Turkey Transit Visa – 20 USD

• Turkey Work Visa – 120 USD

How to Submit a Turkey Visa Application Form

You can get this done online. You also need to attend your appointment to submit your biometric information and all other supporting documents.

Turkey Visa Processing Time

This varies with respect to the category of the visa you intend to get. If you submit all required documents adequately, you should have no issues with waiting for too long. Turkish visit visas take about 8 working days and business visas take about 5 working days.

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