Why your UAE Visa Application may be Rejected

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Wondering why your visa application to UAE was turned down? This post contains major reason why your UAE visa application may be rejected at the embassy.

The United Arab Emirates have attracted lots of Nigerians and other foreigners around the world seeking employment and investment recently.

With infrastructural development springing up every year, the expansion is so much that requires people to Immigrate there from around the world for a livelihood.


Getting UAE visa usually does not have much stress as the process starts over there with an invitation from an employee for work permit while the tourist visa must have a return ticket when processing the application for visa.

Scanned copies of all documents – passport, invitation letter from employer, return ticket for a tourist visa.

Nigerians are making use of the opportunities abound in that region.

However, many have been turned down for the smallest mistakes. The essence of this blog is to open your mind to some reasons your visa application could be turned down.

UAE Visa rejection reasons

  • Failure to cancel previous visa
  • Handwritten passport
  • Criminal offence
  • Failure to clear previous tourist visa
  • Failure to clear previous employment visa
  • Error in Visa application
  • Blur photo
  • Failure to submit necessary docs
  • Security reasons

Failure to cancel the previous visa:

As a former resident of UAE and no longer living there, while your visa was not canceled.

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Solution: You will be required to cancel it at the immigration department by the public relations officer.

Criminal offence:

If you committed any criminal offence in UAE previously – misconduct, fraud and the criminal offence, your application will be rejected.

Failure to clear a previous tourist visa:

Any unused visa needs to be cancelled at the immigration by the public relations officer or the travel agency.

Error in Visa application:

Wrongly spelt names, passport number or profession code can render your visa unacceptable or delayed unnecessarily.

Blur photo:

Blurred photos of passport registered online will lead to rejection or delay in visa.

Failure to clear previous employment visa:

Previous visa application to a prospective employee that was never used must be cancelled at the immigration department of UAE .

Handwritten passport:

Handwritten filling out of the international passport will be rejected instantly.

Failure to submit necessary docs:

Your application must have all the required documents. Read the requirements.

Security reasons: UAE Immigration department has the final decision on the issuance and approval of visa. For security reason, your application may be rejected.


Visa requirements processes are frequently reviewed, get in touch with the nearest UAE Embassy or immigration department for more details.

For Nigerians find address of UAE Embassy below:

No2. Columbia Closee off Colorado Street Ministers Hill Miatama, Abuja
Phone no: 08099009003
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 16.00

Final thought:

If your application was rejected that isn’t the end of the World, go back to the drawing board, access yourself why you were rejected.

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