Relocating To The United Kingdom? Take Note of These Points

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Thinking of relocating to United Kingdom from Nigeria? Probably just arrived there, you will need some guidance to get around with ease without incurring the wrath of the laws of the land. In this post we’ll tell you some of the things you need to know before relocating U.K

It is said, “ when in Rome behave like a Roman.”

Every community around the world have it’s tradition and culture from time immemorial, as humans cannot live peaceful in a lawless society.

For a peaceful co-existence among humans, certain laws must be enforced because we see things differently and act on that bases. As a foreigner it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the tradition and culture of your host community, and abide by them as well.


Important Things to prepare your mind for before relocating to United Kingdom from Nigeria

  • Determine Your Visa
  • Purpose of traveling to the U.K
  • Settling Into Work Life
  • Access To Quality Healthcare Services
  • Municipality Tax
  • Driving In United Kingdom As A  Foreigner
  • Vehicle Certification

Your first step is obtaining a Visa. Nigeria is a member of Commonwealth of Nations, colonised by United Kingdom. Which is one of the many reasons Nigerians have some form of consideration in the United Kingdom.

Four things that are likely to take to there are: work, school, health care, visit. All these requires proper traveling documentation with some form of waivers.

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Determine the most suitable visa for you.

Having determined your type of Visa, you will need all the necessary documents. However, with regards to relocating you need a work permit prior to getting employed in the United Kingdom.

The Visa and work permit are two separate things, each comes with a certain requirements. Your employer will have to get a work permit for you which is dependent on your job specifications and it’s duration – the work permit is based on it.

Settling Into Work Life  With National Insurance And Tax

Have you heard of Brexit? The unsettled economic tussles looming in the United Kingdom.  The country is still admired by lots of foreigners wanting to relocate there.

London is a major city in the European Region loved by Nigerians. With lots of career opportunities for foreigners especially in the financial sector. According to the HSBC’s 2017 foreigners Explorer Index, it is the third place to rise to the top in career with 6 points since 2016.

Over half of foreigners in the United Kingdom confirmed they earned more wages than their birth country, which is about 56% of them. You will have to obtain the National Insurance Policy number for proper identification.

This is usually issued to citizens prior to their sixteenth birthday. Since you are relocating to work there, the National Insurance will be issued only when you get there.

While working the process begins. Once issued deductions to the National Insurance would be made directly by your employer, contributing to health and welfare costs.

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The next stage is obtaining a tax registration number with an income tax code. Deductions will also be made on your wages for income tax services rendered by government in some sectors of the economy like security services, housing benefits, prison maintenance and courts.

Access To Quality Healthcare Services

Firstly, you need to register with a General Practioner in your municipal, using your residency permit documents.

It is compulsory to be registered with General Practioner because every medical center you visit for services by you and family members must present the registration documents.

Municipality Tax

As a resident, your municipal authority will register you provided you are eighteen years and above. The authority collects tax on properties in their locality, this helps them maintain the streets, sanitation and roads. The owner of the property does not pay these bills, the occupants of the property are the ones to pay.

Driving In United Kingdom As A  Foreigner

The Nigerian drivers license is only recognized in some European countries namely Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Spain Austria and Sweden. London is not included on the list.

License are issued according to your country of origin. In this case, as a Nigerian it will require a registration with the authorities concerned for some driving lessons before you get issued.

Vehicle Certification

Moving to United Kingdom from Nigeria? Acquiring a driver’s license requires having a vehicle. Your vehicle has to be checked properly by the Ministry of Transport to determine the road worthiness, this appraisal is done yearly. A certificate will be issued by a licensed mechanic after certifying your vehicle is in good condition to ply the roads.

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