4 Major Reasons Why Nigerians Get Visa Deny at Embassies

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In 2017, 55.05% of Nigerian applicants for USA nonimmigrant visa applications were granted, meaning 44.95% of such visas were refused, so why did they get visa deny? In the year under review, the U.S visa application fee was $160USD at N400 to $1.

The Visa application fee is nonrefundable. This means that the US nonimmigrant visa application was N64,000.

Other types of visas include H , L, O , P, Q , R, K and E, which attract higher fees, ranging between $190 and $265.


When your application is denied, you’ll have to ask yourself why? And what you need to correct while trying to reapply is:

 “The number of applicants denied visa in 2017 were over 130 ,000,” The Guardian Newspapers say.

Why Your Visa May Be Rejected at Embassies

  • Inability to show proof of your information
  • False Information
  • Consular officer’s final decision
  • Using fake marriage certificate

Inability to show proof of your information

One of the reasons why you may get visa deny is if you’re unable to show proof of the information you provided during application.

It could be visa lottery organised by the government of United States of America, or Express Entry, Skilled Workers, or International Experience Canada, your information must tally with your application during an interview.

Former US Diplomat and Consular Officer at U.S. Department of State, Kathryn Berck, in a quora post said the number of “approved” is more than “deny.”

He however pointed out that some Nigerians get visa applications denied because of their inability to convince officials at the embassy.

“In 2017, only 44.95% of Nigerian applicants for US nonimmigrant visas were refused. That is less than half. Why were they refused?

“They could not convince a US consular officer that they intended to visit the US only briefly, for a rational reason, and then go home again.

“Part of that inability to convince was due to false/forged/counterfeited documents, and lies of what I call kindergarten quality.”

Inability to substantiate your details means DENY!

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False Information

Closely related to the above is giving false information. Most of those who were denied of visa fall under this category.

Your application will be denied if the information in your profile is not true or cannot be verified.

If you misrepresented yourself, a situation whereby you gave the embassy official false information or left out important details.

In a situation like this, you could be barred from entering your proposed country for at least five years, or have a permanent record of fraud with the appropriate security operatives to have you prosecuted, and charged with a crime.

“It’s too bad that many honest Nigerians are stymied by the dishonesty of others, but it is what it is,” Mr. Kathryn said.

Consular officer’s final decision

The consular officer has the final decision. Reason of your visa deny is best known to him. We’ve read stories of Nigerians, whose visas were denied without cogently telling the applicants why.

Adam Alqali , a reporter with an online newspaper , African News Page, told Guardian Newspapers that he felt cheated paying N64,000 for application even when his visa was eventually denied.

He had been offered a fellowship to attend the Federation of Science Conference in San Francisco in October 2017.

“Despite the fact that all my papers were valid, I was still denied a visa. That was how I missed an opportunity to attend the fellowship, ” Alqali said.

The decision of the consular officer is the final.

Most of the consular officers are trained psychologists and sociologists, so speak with confidence and show them genuine reasons why you should be allowed into your country of destination.

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Using fake marriage certificate

Some dubious travelling agencies in Nigeria do matchmaking for male and females applicants in order for the fake couple to dubiously relocate to another country.

You get visa deny because of this. If you’re found to have used fake marriage certificate before you could rejected at the embassy.

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, it was reported in the media that an Ikeja Special Offences Court found one Kolawole Viyon guilty of falsifying marriage certificate, and sentenced him to three years imprisonment.

He was given an option of N300,000 as fine due to plea bargain entered into with the prosecution.

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission had arraigned Viyon for allegedly lying about his marital status .

ICPC had told the court that the defendant with another , Olaronke Akerele (female) , committed the offence on Dec. 13 , 2016 , at the ICPC Lagos Zonal Office .

British High Commission had in 2016 handed over Viyon and his accomplice, to the ICPC , for giving false information in their visa application forms.

At the resumed hearing of the case on Tuesday, Viyon had pleaded guilty to an amended three counts bordering on knowingly making statements that are false.

The offences violated Section ( 1 )( b ) and 25 ( 1) , ( a) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000.

In instances like this, marriages are arranged, pastors are paid, some churches or Islamic clerics are paid to conduct fakes marriages so as to perfect visa lottery application for some Nigerians.

These acts are perpetrated by some dubious traveling agencies in Nigeria. Some Nigerians have found their way into US, UK, Australia, UAE, South Africa and other countries through this questionable means.

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The fake couples go their separate ways when they get to their country of destination. That has since reduced due to measures put in place by Nigerian government to curb the activities of dubious traveling agencies.

How to avoid visa rejection

1) Make sure you fully understand and can reproduce the information you provided during the application process.

2) Provide information you can substantiate

3) Your body language matters, your posture, and carriage go a long way. So, be confident during an interview. Maintain eye contact as much as possible.

4) Technology has gone beyond providing fake marriage certificate at consular office. Marriages are now registered online, and your code can be used to verify the authenticity of your union. Don’t fake marriage.

Final thought:

There are still honest Nigerians, don’t use your dishonesty to hamper chances of others who are visiting another country on genuine reasons.


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