How To Score Excellent Points In Australian Visa Application

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Tips To Scoring Excellent Points In Australian Visa Application

Australian Visas are extraordinarily held in high esteem, the country is best loved landing place for expatriates from across the world.

With these qualities Australian Visas are elevated to ensure that only qualified expatriates with essential skills that can increase the Australian society are allowed entrance using the points system for assessment.


How To Score Excellent Points In Australian Visa Application

  • Recommended Profession
  • Age
  • English Language Aptitude
  • Skilled Employment Experience
  • Educational Qualification
  • Australian Qualification
  • Regional Study
  • Community Language Skills
  • Professional Year
  • Spouse/Partner Skills and Qualification
  • Nomination And Sponsorship

Below are some tips to help you attain utmost points, a minimum of 60 points is required under the General Skilled Migration Program. These points are based on the following:

Recommended Profession

There are specific skills on the Australia’s list or consolidated sponsored occupation list. You have to nominate any skills that’s on the list.


Required age for high scores is 25 – 32, while 45 and above doesn’t add any point.

English Language Aptitude

Majority of the skilled entrant are required to write an examination in to test their level of knowledge in English.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS). English speaking countries are exempted with an  equivalent Bachelor degree or  higher from a tertiary institution. However, whatever your level of education, to get higher points, it is advisable to write the exam.

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Skilled Employment Experience

Should you possess experience in any Skilled job or closely related to the ones on the Australia’s Skilled List, qualifies you for 20 points.

Educational Qualification

The highest level of your educational qualification is use for ratings. It must be related to the recommended Profession with a similar qualification in Australia. Should you have a qualification in Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate, the point to score is 20. But the topmost qualification gets the award, which is the Doctorate.

Australian Qualification

If you studied in Australia for at least two years while leaving there. You get 5 extra points.

Regional Study

Studying in territorial or less populated cosmopolitan area in Australia qualifies for 5 points.

Community Language Skills

If you can speak and translate any official of Australian origin, it qualifies you for 5 points. The language regulatory authority, National Accreditation Authority For Translators And Interpreters (NAATI) would certify you first.

Professional Year

A structured white- collar formal training with on- the-job experience for at least one year, and the job is on the recommended skills or intently associated gives 5 points. The training must have been completed at least four years at the time of application.

Spouse/Partner Skills and Qualification

If the Visa application is alongside with a spouse or Partner – non Australian resident or citizen. They have to possess the General Skilled Migration basic requirements for age, English Language Aptitude and recommended skills, this qualifies for 5 points.

Nomination And Sponsorship

This stage is for 10 points, if you have been recommended by the authority of a state is tertiary for government under a state migration visa with the (clause 190 or 489). In addition, the applicant must have relevant occupation, a permitted Visa and a family member of a Visa holder.

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