Hidden Secret Destinations in the USA on a Budget

8 Hidden Secret Destinations in the USA on a Budget


The United States of America is such a vast country that every corner deserves to be a vacation spot. You can find from small secluded spots to very popular and busier tourist spots in this rich country. The lesser-known spots are always heaven to the eyes.

There are many popular destinations, such as Las Vegas, New York, Yellowstone, and Ashville, with millions of tourists visiting annually.  But sometimes, it’s hard to immerse in the raw beauty of nature and rejuvenate yourself.

Are you too bored with the same popular and crowded vacation destinations? Then here’s a list of some amazing destinations to add to your bucket to make your trip the best one.  From hidden places in natural parks to secluded towns and beaches, there is much to explore in the USA without facing the crowd. 


Visiting these underrated destinations may stimulate your adrenaline rush and chill your spine.  So start booking your flight tickets with Faresmatch and enjoy cheaper flights to the USA.

Top Eight Hidden Gems in USA Under Budget

Although there are many destinations, every corner can’t be pinned down, so here’s a short list of amazing secluded places you must visit:

1) Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park is a must-include site in the list of hidden gems in the USA.  Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, this place is one of the romantic destinations amidst the stunning mountains. 

This picturesque town is still unspoiled from human invasion providing the best hiking trails in the country with its rich wilderness.  Visitors with the necessary documents can enjoy hiking, cycling, horse riding during the summers, and skiing during the snowfall winters.  Just stroll down the lanes enjoying the amazing views and the Victorian-era buildings.

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2) Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

If you want to enjoy beautiful sites of glaciers and Mountains up close, visit this hidden gem in Alaska, the thirteen-mile-long Mendenhall Glacier.  Very few people know this place and therefore has remained unspoiled till now.  It is located just beside Juneau, the Capital of Alaska. 

The colossal glacier is the main attraction, and the pristine lakes, vibrant forests, and cascading waterfalls provide magnificent views to visitors.  It is also a great place for spotting bears.  Visitors can find stunning crystal ice caves colored turquoise.

3) Baxter State Park, Maine

Located in Northern Maine, Baxter State Park is one of the unique places to go hiking.  It is one of the most beautiful and wildest areas north of the famous Appalachian trail.  This park is home to the crown jewel of Maine, Mount Katahdin, the tallest peak in Maine. 

The lake’s crystal waters reflect the colors of the forest and the beautiful mountains.  You can enjoy canoeing in this secret destination and hiking on the Knife Edge trail (Note: You must climb with proper equipment as it’s a technical hike).  Book vacation packages to Alaska and camp at the base of this natural wonder to enjoy clear star gazing free from pollution.

4) Fredericksburg, Texas

To immerse in the best views of your life, you must once visit Fredericksburg in Texas.  This whole enchilada offers you everything.  The delicious food, stunning vineyards, and buildings of German Architecture will provide you with views of a Dreamland.  The best part is during the spring when the lavender fields bloom to vibrant purple colors.  Enjoy strolling between the fields, churches and enjoy the live music here.

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5) Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock is one of the best off-beat places in Vermont, where you can enjoy sceneries like those in your wallpapers.  The rolling hills and the historic buildings provide a unique charm, while the picturesque farms add to the place’s scenery. 

This finest village is not crowded, and the best time you can visit is during the fall when the village turns golden with the bridges and orchards covered.  Dine at the amazing boutiques in the farm-to-table dining scene giving just the vibes of a dream.

6) Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is one of the coolest places in Georgia, with its brimming nature and history.  This secluded island is off the Georgia Coast, providing an easy escape from the busier and crowded sea beaches. 

Enjoy a laidback lifestyle in the Jekyll Island Historic District and enjoy nature’s raw form without any development.  You can bike amidst the natural beauty enjoying the fresh sea air, or dive in the ocean and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

7) Valley of Fire, Nevada

Located near Las Vegas, Valley of Fire has remained less interacted by humans, making it one of the best-hidden gems in Las Vegas.  Visitors miss this state park due to the heavy hype of Arizona and other attractions nearby. 

The red sandstones, orange and pink rocks here give the name of the park Valley of Fire.  Visitors can hike, camp, and take in the views of the land’s precious scenery.  There are endless hiking trails, and each trail provides a unique, beautiful taste of nature that can induce your adrenaline and dopamine simultaneously.

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8) Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you are searching for a crowd-free destination to visit with your family, then add Gatlinburg to your United Vacations list.  Gatlinburg is the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  This hidden gem provides precious entry scenery to the mountainous terrain and numerous fun activities that can make your adrenaline rush rapidly. 

Rafting, Biking, and Horseback riding are popular activities here.  Hike up to the Gatlinburg Space Needle to enjoy the scenic landscapes in a 360° view.  During the winter, it becomes the ideal place for tubing, skiing, and snowboarding.

When searching for the best off-beat places in America, you will surely need clarification about which to choose.  The hidden gems of the USA are a Paradise providing the best retreat from the hustling city and developed lifestyle. 

The backyard villages, state parks, and secluded beaches feel like a scenery out of the world.  These off-beat places are still best as they are yet to be discovered by people.  Visitors must visit these amazing off-beat places at least once to take lifetime memories with them, cheering the awe-stocking beauty of nature.  The best way to get here is to book flights using Faresmatch, grabbing some awesome flight deals.  So let’s pack the bags and set out to explore this little paradise.

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