30 Countries Currently In A State of War


A country is considered to be in a state of war when it is engaged in an internal conflict with terrorists, bandits or drug groups or when a country is engaged in external conflict with another country, entity, or group.

There are 32 countries that are currently at war such as drug war, insurgency, civil war, territorial war, and ethnic violence


Types of war

  • Territorial war
  • Drug war
  • Colonial war
  • Insurgency
  • Proxy war
  • Boundary war
  • Civil war,
  • Cold war
  • Religious war
  • Ethnic violence

Understanding the state of war

The state of war means that formal or informal acts of aggression, armed confrontations, or military operations are taking place between the warring parties.

For instance, Nigeria is considered to be in a state of conflict or war because of internal fighting between its military forces and terrorist groups in the Northeast region.

Boko Haram and ISWAP in the Northeast, banditry in the Northcentral and Northwest, and IPOB terrorism act in the Southeast are indications that Nigeria is facing an internal war.

Another country that is in a state of war that comes to mind is Ukraine following the invasion of the country by Russian forces, which also means that Russia is also in a state of war with its neighbour (Ukraine).

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Characteristics of a country that is in a state of war

Use of military force:

In a state of war, a country may employ its military forces to defend itself, advance its objectives, or defeat the opposing force. This can involve ground troops, naval vessels, aircraft, and other military assets.

Declaration of war:

Historically, countries often formally declared war on each other to signal their intent to engage in hostilities. However, in modern times, formal declarations are less common, and conflicts can arise without a clear declaration.

Engagement in hostilities:

Military forces may engage in various forms of combat, including attacks, counterattacks, airstrikes, naval actions, and ground battles against terrorists and bandits.

Suspension of normal relations:

Countries at war often suspend or sever diplomatic, economic, and other non-military relations with their adversaries. Trade, travel, and communication can be severely restricted or cut off. For instance, the Africa’s continental union AU suspended Niger because of the coup in the country.

Mobilization and preparedness:

Countries in a state of war typically mobilize their armed forces, draft soldiers if necessary, and take steps to ensure their readiness for conflict. Civilian resources might also be mobilized to support the war effort.

Being in a state of war can have legal implications both domestically and internationally. It might affect laws related to civil liberties, the economy, and the use of force. Additionally, international laws and agreements, such as the Geneva Conventions, govern the treatment of combatants and civilians during armed conflicts.

Which countries are in a state of war?

According to the Global Index, here is the list of countries in one form of war around the world:

  1. CAR: Civil War
  2. Chad: Insurgency
  3. Colombia: Drug War
  4. Congo: Insurgency
  5. Ivory Coast: Insurgency
  6. Libya: Civil War
  7. Somalia: Civil War
  8. Sudan: Insurgency
  9. Syria: Civil War
  10. Mali: Civil War
  11. Russia: War
  12. Ethiopia: Civil War
  13. Ghana: Insurgency
  14. Iraq: Insurgency
  15. Myanmar: Civil War
  16. Niger: Insurgency
  17. Afghanistan: Civil War
  18. Mozambique: Insurgency
  19. Cameroon: Insurgency
  20. Tunisia: Insurgency
  21. Mauritania: Insurgency
  22. Algeria: Insurgency
  23. Mexico: Drug War
  24. Burkina Faso: Insurgency
  25. Tanzania: Insurgency
  26. Togo: Insurgency
  27. Nigeria: Insurgency
  28. South Sudan: Ethnic Violence
  29. Benin: Insurgency
  30. Uganda: Insurgency
  31. Ukraine: War
  32. Yemen: Civil War
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Note: Supper power countries now prefer to use economic sanctions to call a country to order. For instance, General Abdourahmane Tchiani overthrew the civilian administration of President Mohamed Bazoum of the Niger Republic on July 26, 2023, there have been heavy economic sanctions on the military junta. One of such is Nigeria’s decision to cut power to the Republic of Niger and suspension of humanitarian aid to the country by the United States and the UK.



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