7 Reasons Your Police Clearance Application May Be Rejected

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:25 am


There are certain reasons your application for a police clearance certificate could be rejected.

In one of our previous posts, we shared with you the importance of a police clearance form when you are relocating to another country.

The host country has to be sure that you do not have a criminal record or be a security threat, so the need for police security to check on you.

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7 Reasons Your Application For Police Clearance May Be Rejection

As an applicant in your country your clearance may be rejected because of the following reasons:

1) If you are found to have escaped immigration detention in another country.

2) If you are a drug trafficker, your application may be rejected. Even in a situation whereby you found your way out of Nigeria, the host country may dig into your past, and if you are found to have involved yourself in hard drugs, you may be prosecuted.

3) Another police clearance rejection reason is: If you are not of good character. The definition of good character may be different in your host country.

We have seen Nigerians who were deported from another country because the host country does not see them as being of good character.

4) If you escaped justice in another country, you may not be allowed into another country.

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If you found your way in and you are caught you will be deported to the country where the offence was committed or you are sent back to your country to face prosecution.

5) Your police clearance certificate may be rejected if there are conflicts between your data on the police portal and what you tendered at the certificate processing unit.

6) Another police clearance rejection reason is: If you belong to an association or group that has been outlawed in your country.

We’ve heard about Nigerians who used fake documents to travel out of Nigeria, particularly to Italy.

7)Finally, your police clearance application may be rejected if “You have been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, or multiple sentences that add up to more than 12 months in prison.”

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