8 Best Tools To Edit Videos Online Easily

Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 11:05 am

Editing video is now quite easy due to the free video editing tools available online. People are making really good videos to record the special moments of their families or for advertising their products. And this is high time to take the initiative. 

You will find a wide range of editing tools that help beginners to edit their videos easily. Each video editing tool has different kinds of features and advantages. You should settle down with one that serves your purpose. If you are editing a video for the first time, you might get confused with numerous options and approaches.

Many video editing tools can help you to make quality videos for various social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Some are great, while some have limited features. Choosing your online video editor is sometimes a tedious job. You need to identify what type of video you are making and then assess what effects you want to include in your video. Everyone gets the best video editor, but the reality is that the one you feel the most comfortable with is the most ideal for you.

Video editing means making the videos compact, engaging, and well-composed. With the help of new video editing tools, you cannot make great content with your mobile device. And the most exciting part is that you do not have to spend much except your valuable time and effort.

You can install a free version of the video editing tool, and you are set to make any kind of video, from making commercials to family-oriented videos. But do you know which video tools are suitable for your content? Mentioned here are a few names of video editors that you can try.

1. Clipchamp Create 

Clipchamp Create is one easy-to-use online video editing tool. With this video editing tool, you can upload any video. There is a free trial option to create multiple video projects and give you access to all the video editing features.

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This video editing tool lets you send your video in 480p format. You could upgrade to a video tool to make use of paid features. Here you can search for appealing videos, images, and GIFs to include in your video.

2. Canva Video Editor

One of the most popular graphic design tools is canva. I’m sure every graphic designer who has been around for some time will be familiar with the platform.

For those who want to be more creative to add a video to their social media post and a blog post, the canva free online video editor has nearly everything you desire in a graphic design tool to simplify your work and save more time.

Apart from the fact that you can choose the type of video you want to create, the platform also allows you to explore the video library to choose the template that resonates with the message you’re trying to pass across to your audience.

For instance, a marketing video template may not appropriately suit fashion videos, the choice is yours in the library. The best part: the pro version offers more flexibility and uniqueness e.g the Magic Resize.

3. Quik (iOS, Android)

Have you thought about how you can blend videos on iPhone or Android? Well, the answer is quite simple. Quik is a mobile video editing tool that can be used to make multi-clip highlight reels. The tool is used to make fun and fast videos. It allows users to mix and blend videos.

Video editing can help you add titles, fonts, and filters and include your final touch from start to finish. It also provides the chance to choose from over 20 different video formats for enhancing customization. If you want to make the next product marketing videos on your phone, Quik is not the ideal video tool.

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4. KineMaster

KineMaster and PowerDirector can be used to edit 4k videos. You can trim, tweak clips, and cut from anywhere you like. These video editing tools can help to ensure that your videos become exactly the way you want. Here you can include video effects, images, and text to make a sophisticated product. Remember, you need to optimize your video into a pro version if you want to exclude watermarks. Some of the features that KineMaster includes are chroma key, blending, transition, and lighting adjustment. These tools are easy to navigate and use.

5. InVideo

This is a common platform for making amazing videos. This online video editor is used by small businesses and brand entrepreneurs to post compelling video content on social media platforms.

Some of the InVideo Features Include

  • Media library
  • Audio Tools
  • Split and Merge videos
  • Support HD video format
  • Provides access to all stickers and overlays
  • Advanced editing

The one thing which is best about this tool is that you can access over 100 video templates that are engaging and captivating.

InVideo Pricing

The free version of this video tool allows users to send up to 60 videos each month. This video tool provides users to choose annual and monthly plans.

Where Can You Use This Tool?

Facebook and Instagram Stories

  • Youtube Videos (entire videos, intros, outros)
  • Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram ads
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Newsfeed, Instagram post
  • Twitter Timeline
  • Snapchat story

6. Filmmaker Pro

For professional-quality video editing, you can use Filmmaker Pro. This video tool can be used in both iOs and Android devices. This is a popular video editing tool that is used to make prize-winning productions. You have the overall control of whether you want to control any keys or modify green screen keys.

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7. Wave. video

Wave. Video is an excellent video maker tool. The best part of this video maker is that you can reshape your videos with just a single click to make ideal videos for each social platform. The free version of this tool helps you create over eight videos, and you can send them to your desired social media platform in any video format. You can also access their videos, images, and audio files, but it comes at an extra cost.

8. Biteable

Biteable is a video editor tool and a one-stop destination for making any kind of slideshow, videos, ads, and much more. You have the chance to send your videos through the Biteable link. You can access their stock library, where you can get over 80,000 images, and stock videos, but it does not come for free.


Different videos have different needs. Maybe you just want to include a small portion of the video clip and cut down the remaining long segment reels. Or else you want to create a tutorial video for your audience. Whatever you want to make, make sure they determine your video editing goals and objectives.

Not all video editing tools are not easy to use. Few video editing tools are easy to access, while others are hard to navigate. The number of features in video editing tools determines how long you are required to learn.

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