Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Phone


Having done reviews on over a hundred smartphones(mostly android)  probably even hundreds, some features outweigh others when it’s used to determine what kind of review it gets(positive or negative). We’ll tell you what to consider when buying a phone

Getting a new phone can be a tricky endeavor, particularly those that surpass certain market value which most high end devices cost.

Luckily spending that much on a smartphone isn’t necessary when you know what to look for just before making a decision to buy a particular purchase.


Here are a few things to consider when buying a phone

  • The Battery
  • Stereo speakers
  • The Display
  • The camera
  • The Storage
  • Age of the phone
  • Manufacturer’s reputation
  • Wireless Charging
  • 5G Technology

What to consider when buying a phone: The Battery:

Another factor to consider when buying a phone is the strength of the battery. Always get a second opinion from people about the device you want to buy either from people around or from review pages, you want a device that can last you at least ¾ of the day if possible.

One of the biggest complain of smartphone users around me is that they always have flat batteries. if this is you, it would help to buy a phone with fast charging capabilities.

Stereo speakers

A lover of music and movies who wants to be in bath while his phone is oozing great sounds from the sitting room will definitely use as one of his buying factors.

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Does it have Stereo speakers? Which means you hear sound coming from two directions ,left and right or up and down depending on your orientation.

The Display

Like most people, spending hours daily on your smartphone screen is almost inevitable, so it’s advisable to get a device with a good outdoor readability feature and also clear enough to avoid blurry text while going through your favourite web pages.

Now, when buying a device with a considerable large screen, going for any screen resolution below 1920 x 1080p wouldn’t be ideal. if it’s within your means, look for better 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution devices.

What to Consider When Buying a Phone
Photo credit: holyheadcoastguard.co.uk

One other thing to pay attention to is the screen size;  is it easy to reach across to the other side?  Are movies a priority on your list (in which case a larger screen would suffice)  or a smaller one that is easier to grip and manage in small spaces?

The Storage :

It is good to put the storage of the phone into consideration before making a purchase.

People tend to buy phones that are cheaper with little storage room. Apps  are much larger these days and so are the sizes of music and movies if you want a good quality, so I recommend you go for devices with 64GB storage capabilities.

The camera:

This part is for the very social individuals that like sharing pictures with friends and family, make sure to buy a phone with good camera.

The more expensive phones like the Samsung S9 and iPhone X, Huawei, are good in taking pictures in low light which means you can take good pictures in a restaurant that isn’t particularly bright without the flash.

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If you use photo sharing social media platforms like Snapshot, Instagram, then camera should be one of your buying factors.

Age of the phone

Sometimes due to our economic state we end up buying refurbished or older model smartphones. Before you do consider this; phones that are typically 2-3yrs old pretty soon will stop getting important updates, so this is a serious drawback.

The company’s reputation :

As much as you can, research on the company that manufactured the phone you are interested in might be of help.

Is a phone manufacturer that shares your data? Or sell your data to data fetching firms? The reputation of the company is also a good phone buying factor.

Wireless Charging

Some users will prefer phones with wireless charging as an alternative charging method, opinions of music lovers might be divided when it comes to using headphone jack or Bluetooth headphones or an adapter with wired headset.

5G Technology

While some countries are just upgrading their network to 4G and celebrating the advent of 4G LTE, some first tier countries are already on the path of 5G.

So, does your admired phone support newer 5G network? Being on 4G LTE makes is possible to download video and live stream a video with more easy.

This means that phones that support 5G network will download video faster and will be easier to watch live stream on such network.

If you spend most of your time on video sharing platforms like YouTube, then latest network technology should be your buying factor.

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Final thought:

Whichever model of phone you buying, proper maintenance is also very important to have long lasting device.

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