How to Send Private Message Online (Private message site)


We share messages online with friends and colleagues at working place most of which could be intercepted by another person. But technology keeps evolving, making it possible to share private message online using private message site.

In this post we’ll guide you on how to privately send message to someone else online with the aid of private message site.

The technology driving private message is called “end-to-end encryption.”


What does this mean?

End-to-end encryption means “that a message is ciphered before it’s sent and then deciphered after its received. This way, anyone looking to snoop on intermediary servers won’t be tablet to understand what the message says.”

When using this method, you can password the message, set expiry date before sharing your message link with whoever you want to grant access to the message.

It is called “One time secure message” using secure share, a private message site.

How to Send Private Message Online

Follow the guide below to securely share any message on line

Step 1: Enter secure share URL( to any browser of your choice. Preferably Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.How to Send Private Message Online

Step 2: Enter the password or message you want to share with the other party

Step 3: Add a passphrase to further protect your message (this is optional and not required).

Step 4: Set the desired expiration period for your message.

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Step 5: Click “Get one time link for secure message” and send the link to your partner you have received.How to Send Private Message Online

See sample below:

In the link below, I’ve shared a link which no one can see unless I shared the the secured PIN with. You’d have to click on view message and use the access PIN to see it.Private message site

For you to access the message inserted into the link below, you’ll have to enter (1234567890) as your access password.

I have set more than a year as the validity of the private message. You could set yours to just 5 minutes or below if you want to send a message to your friend. You are completely in control of the time frame.

For you to even explore more platforms to send private messages on your mobile phone through Apps, you can use textsecure and some other great apps that enable you privately send message to your friends.

Final thought:

Using private message site like secure share is completely free while confidential information shared via the tool is not stored anywhere once viewed by the receiving party.


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