This screebshot explains how to use USSD code on moniepoint

How to activate USSD Code on Moniepoint to perform financial transactions


I asked 10 people if they knew about USSD code on Moniepoint. Only two of the respondents say “YES”. The response shows that most of them had no idea about the USSD code on the fintech app.

Here is the guide on how to activate *5573# USSD code on Moniepoint and what you can do with the code right on your mobile phone

Login to your account.


Look out for the available options such as Home, Cards, Savings, salary, and more

Click on “MORE”

Then click on “settings”

Scroll down till you get to the USSD Banking (*5573#)) option. You have to activate the USSD code to be able to perform transactions using the *5573#.

Toggle the button.

Re-enter your transaction PIN to activate this option.

Now, log out from the app and go ahead to test the USSD code

Activating the USSD code on the bank’s app will give you access to almost all things you do on the app:

  • 1: Transfer to moniepoint
  • 2: Transfer to other banks
  • 3: Buy airtime
  • 4: Buy data
  • 5: Check balance
  • 6: Change PIN
  • 7: Block card
  • 911: Block account

Using USSD code for transactions enables you to do lots of things faster and without the ability to do things with any form of mobile phone. You don’t need to have active data to perform financial transactions.

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