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How to claim your funds from the failed Heritage Bank Plc


Following the revocation of the operating licence of Heritage Bank Plc by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Monday, June 3, 2024, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has issued guidelines on how Nigerians who have funds with the bank can claim their funds.

There are two ways to claim your funds:

  • By visiting any branch of Heritage Bank with the required documents 
  • By downloading the claim form on the NDIC website, fill and upload the document back to the claim page

So, here are the documents to take along if you are visiting the bank in case you don’t have an alternate bank account:


Visit the nearest branch of Heritage Bank with the following:

  • proof of account ownership,
  • verifiable means of identification such as driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, National Identity Card, 
  • Your alternate bank account
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) for the verification of your deposits and subsequent payment of insured sums

By downloading depositor claim form

Alternatively, you can file an online claim by visiting the NDIC website claims page at: to download the depositor’s verification form and fill in the following details:

  • Name of the closed bank: heritage bank
  • Your name
  • Your signature
  • Your current contact address
  • Type of deposit account
  • Your E-mail address (if any)
  • Your active mobile phone number
  • Your bank account details
  • Attach one recent passport-sized photograph
  • Fill the checklist form, sign and date it
  • Attach a proof of deposit (passbook, chequebook, term deposit certificate, statement of account, etc)
  • Attach a valid means of identification (Driver’s Licence, International Passport, National Identity Card, NIN Slip/Card, Voters card, or written identification by a traditional ruler or Local Government Chairman)
  • Download and fill the claims forms and upload the required documentation.
  • Scan the document and send to
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Claiming funds for a deceased person

If your parent has money in the failed bank, you can lay claim to their funds by providing the following documents:

  • A Proved Will/Letter of Administration or an Order from a court of law administering the estate of the deceased
  • Proof of death certificate of the deceased
  • The Administrators/Executors of the estate shall sign the forms and affix their passport photographs
  • The Administrators/Executors of the estate shall provide their valid means of identification
  • You can scan the above documents and send to

The responsibility of the NDIC to pay claims to depositors is backed by law under Section 55 sub-section 1 & 2 of the NDIC Act 2023.

Other things to note about filing a claim include:

Depositors will be paid up to the insured amount of N5 million per depositor.

Creditors will commence immediately after all depositors have been paid.

If you’re a debtor and yet to complete the repayment of loans, you are advised to contact the Corporation’s Asset Management Department (AMD). 

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