Apple’s iPhone 7 unveils today: Expectations, rumours and likely pictures

September 7 will be unique in the history of phone world; that’s because Apple is expected to unveil its new generation smartphone  iPhone 7.

For those who care about iPhone, a new model is being released today. Everyone is eager to know what it is supposed to be like: a little thinner, a little faster and equipped with superior cameras on the Plus model.

The US tech giant has been known to update its smartphone lineup in early September, a strategy tech analysts have seen a great marketing tactics aimed at making goods sales before the year runs out.

The expectations have been high since Apple made it known that it’d be unveiling its iPhone 7, rumour mill is going into overdrive as regards the features the new iPhone 7 is expected to have.

Will it be slimmer than this?

Tech geeks are even asking: Will the New Apple iPhone have a headphone jack?

While some say it’ll, some say it won’t.

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Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Guided Tour

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