Top 6 Best Crypto Exchanges In Germany


According to a survey by the German retail bank Postbank, 29% of Germans view cryptocurrencies as attractive investment opportunities.

The options for trading cryptocurrencies have dramatically expanded from Munich to Hamburg. Finding a trustworthy exchange is more important than ever as interest in the altcoin industry rises.

In this chaotic trading environment, you must use the top German cryptocurrency exchanges for the best investment result.


We have carefully examined the inner workings of the best places to buy cryptocurrency in Germany.

1) Coinmama

Because of its exceptional simplicity of use, Coinmama is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Germany.

The site makes it exceedingly simple for anyone globally to purchase most of the largest cryptocurrencies and is accessible in 188 nations.

The platform is relatively easy to use, and you can now begin investing in cryptocurrencies.


With over a million users, the German Bitcoin exchange claims to be Europe’s most notable Bitcoin marketplace.

In contrast to other exchanges, allows you to buy directly from a third-party vendor, much like Paxful, rather than through the exchange itself.

The sole method accepted by is wire transfer; therefore, you’ll have to wait a day or two for your money to show up in your account.

Trading expenses are restricted to spreads, making it feasible to obtain a better bargain than usual, even though it is undoubtedly harder to tell how much you pay in fees.

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3) Pionex

With over 100,000 active users since its founding in 2019, Pionex is one of Asia’s exchanges that is expanding to Europe.

Pionex is one of the more accessible platforms on our list since, despite its enormous success in Asian markets, it is readily available elsewhere with few restrictions.

The primary characteristic that sets Pionex apart from other top German Bitcoin exchanges is its emphasis on trading robots.

The platform has 16 trading robots that can be used for free. It uses the Binance liquidity engine; thus, the order books have more than enough liquidity.

The highly affordable expenses for Pionex are another benefit. Pionex has some of the lowest costs on the market, with both maker and taker fees of just 0.05%.

Since everyone else would benefit more from using a site like eToro or Binance, we can only suggest Pionex to individuals interested in trading bots.

4) eToro

Since its founding in 2007, eToro has developed into a top international broker that accepts trades in stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and CFDs.

One of the safest options when picking a reliable exchange is eToro, a regulated site with over 20 million users worldwide.

Everyone can find something they like using eToro’s many features, which is why it is so popular. As a result, cryptocurrency fans can purchase Bitcoin in Germany using various payment options and an eToro trading account.

All levels of investors can use the capabilities that eToro offers. The eToro school is an instructional tool that shows novice investors the fundamentals of investing so that eToro customers may always make wise selections.

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5) is one of the top German cryptocurrency exchanges if you’re seeking one that can handle everything.

With some of the lowest costs in the market, it’s the ideal option for anyone trying to save some money.

It has everything you could need for a great investing experience. The top German Bitcoin exchange is, which offers the highest interest rates on your assets.

It provides 10% profits for stablecoins and 14.5% returns for cryptocurrencies. The exchange is ideal for technical traders since it offers various order types, analytical tools, and assets. If you actively trade, it has everything you need.

With good cause, has quickly risen from relative obscurity to the top of the crypto business.

Like eToro, caters to all types of investors, making it a fantastic exchange regardless of your investment objectives.

Although offers various cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t support equities. Therefore eToro is still your best option if you want to manage all your assets in one location.

The mobile app is excellent for newbies because it makes purchasing cryptocurrency relatively simple. Yet’s staking capabilities make the platform appealing, not just its simplicity.

6) Exodus Wallet

JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli co-founded Exodus Wallet in 2015 to do away with the “geeky” aspect of cryptocurrencies.

They concentrated on designing a beautiful user interface to provide a straightforward experience when trading digital assets.

Exodus’ Bitcoin wallet is a crypto wallet option for German investors in digital assets which is available for free download on desktop and mobile devices.

It is also compatible with Trezor One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets.

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It’s one of the most accessible non-custodial solutions, though not nearly as straightforward as the custodial options on exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini (where you essentially buy your coins and leave them to sit on the exchange).

Utilizing Exodus eliminates the requirement for registration, which is required to use an exchange, and offers a user-friendly structure. With the integrated exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies in the wallet, the average consumer may anticipate a straightforward, trouble-free experience. Exodus users benefit from excellent security, which is an advantage.

Although a cryptocurrency wallet’s security will always be the most crucial component, it should be noted that Exodus’ killer feature is its stunning software. The software brilliantly visualizes your cryptocurrency holdings, and navigating is simple thanks to the intelligent user interface.


The increasing interest in cryptocurrencies in Germany has led to the rise of several cryptocurrency exchanges that cater to the needs of German investors.

We have analyzed the top German cryptocurrency exchanges, while each exchange has its strengths and weaknesses, eToro is the best choice for investors due to its wide variety of features, commission-free trading, and strong security measures.


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