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20 Business Opportunities in Taraba State For Investors

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Another northern state in Nigeria is Taraba which is nicknamed “Nature’s Gift to the Nation. Apart from sharing borders with other neighbouring states, Taraba also shares international borders with Cameroon.

While farming is the major occupation, there are several business opportunities in Taraba state that Nigerians and foreign investors can explore with huge and small capital. Your budget will determine your choice of business.

So, let’s explore 20 business ideas you should consider starting in Taraba State as an Investor.


Travels and Tours Business

Taraba state has the highest number of attractive mountains and hills in Nigeria. Some of them include The Mambilla Plateau, Chappal Waddi which is the highest, and Lugadorena Hill among others. No wonder it’s called the Nature’s Gift to the Nation

Tourism is now being given attention in the state by certain relevant stakeholders. This means private investors can take advantage of the tourism scenes by running a travels and tours business.

Poultry Farm

Running a poultry farm is lucrative in different parts of the country. You can easily make a lot of money doing this, one of the ways to be a successful poultry farmer is to properly take care of your birds; know about the peculiar diseases and the treatment. The market is huge due to the fact that Nigerians consume hundreds of chickens every day.

Coffee and Tea Farming Business

This is a capital intensive one, but it is very profitable. Running a coffee and tea plantation can be recommended because of the state’s climatic condition. Also, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the local market to sell, but can also export elsewhere

Commercial Fishing Business

Taraba State is blessed with an abundance of water bodies and of course, fish. Many of the people are fishermen, taking advantage of the rivers that are within and around their surroundings.

While many are comfortable with fishing on a small scale level, you can go big by running a commercial fishing enterprise.

Up to now, millions of fish and of different species are imported into Nigerians for consumption daily, so going on a large scale into fishing farming in Taraba will be lucrative.

Mat Making Cottage Company

Also, there are many folks using mats in Taraba State (and even beyond the State) for different reasons. Hence, you can invest your money in establishing a mat making Cottage enterprise in the state.

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Carpentry Learning Center

It’s easy to establish a carpentry shop. Nevertheless, we must consider that there are already several such shops in the state. Hence, as a smart investor, you can simply take an innovative direction; a carpentry learning center.

Bakery Business

The bakery business is a profitable one as a lot of people loves eating bakery products. However, it is advisable that you establish this in a major city like Jalingo rather than trying your luck in a small village.

Cattle, Sheep and Goat Rearing Business

You can start a business that revolves around rearing animals like goats and sheep and cattle. This is a lucrative business that can be recommended too because it is pretty profitable.

You just have to put in place a structure that would support the growth of the animals. You can sell them both in the state and outside.

Business Centre

It is important to note that the best part of the state to run this sort of business is in Jalingo. There, customers can come to type and print documents, laminate, scan them, make photocopies, and so on.

Rice Production

Rice is also popular in Taraba State, and as a smart investor, you can start a business around the production of rice. A lot of Nigerians enjoy eating rice.

Thus, you don’t have to limit yourself to the state alone, but can sell to other markets outside the state.

Barbing Salon

It’s also advisable that you run a barbing salon business in the state capital, Jalingo and other major towns. You can be in charge if you have barbing skills. You can however simply employ someone to run the place for you if you don’t have the skills.

Phone Accessories Shop

You can buy cheap phone accessories in bulk (like phone cases, batteries, chargers, power banks, and so on) from places like Lagos, and sell at a competitive price within the state.


You can start a school in Jalingo and make your tuition fee as affordable as possible. However, ensure you don’t compromise quality, since many parents are always interested in giving their children quality education only.


It is advisable to start this in Jalingo too. This is because several high-profile tourists visit the state.

Secondhand Clothes

Many people prefer buying secondhand stuff because it is cheaper than brand new ones. You hence can start a business around selling fairly used clothes in popular markets in Taraba State.

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Fashion Institute

You can create a business that revolves around teaching people how to make dresses and nice wear.

There are many ladies interested in learning a skill like tailoring for instance, and they won’t mind doing this in your fashion institute. It is easy to get patronage if your fees are affordable.

Security Firm

While security is still okay in some parts of the state, other places within the state still have security challenges and some visitors into troubled areas will be ready to employ the services of security that understand the terrain.

However, this is capital intensive, as you have to put in place certain important structures to operate legally in the State.

Tricycle Merchant

The major manner of public transportation in Taraba State is via tricycles. You can therefore become a tricycle merchant, as it is a profitable business. This is a capital intensive business no doubt, but it is very profitable.


You can also invest in a nice restaurant in a strategic place in Taraba State, preferably in Jalingo.

Food business is usually lucrative. Just ensure you sell different types of food – local and foreign, and you will attract customers with ease.

Inter-State Transportation Business

You can also start a transportation business that revolves around taking travellers to other states in the country.

This is a pretty lucrative business opportunity that you can take advantage of as an investor. Nevertheless, if you are going to be getting good vehicles, then be ready to spend good money.

Before you start to explore the aforementioned business ideas in Taraba, it’s important to rank the state using three major indicators.

Cost of living

The cost of living plays a major role in a startup. In Taraba, the cost of living is moderate most especially in other towns and villages.

However, the cost of living at the state capital Jalingo is a bit high, dependent on the type of facility available as well as the area you are getting the accommodation.


Though the people of Taraba are hospital and friendly, however, the state has experienced attacks on border towns and villages with Cameroon in the past.

Also, the state has also experienced communal clashes and attacks by gunmen in the past. So, if you’re planning to set up your business in Taraba, avoid areas that are experiencing such violent attacks.

Challenges Of Doing Business In Taraba State

In a survey organized by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council some months ago to determine the ease of doing business in the country, Taraba State performed very badly.

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The organizers considered important metrics, including:

  • Transparency and Access to Information
  • Infrastructure and Security
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Skills Workforce Readiness

Ranking 36 on the table obviously shows that Taraba State has a lot of things to do in terms of security and ease of doing business in the state. It needs to create a more easy environment for investors to do business.

However, with an appropriate strategy, you can still operate a successful business in Taraba State.

Is Taraba a good place to start a business?

Taraba is one of the best places in Nigeria to start a tourism and hotel business considering its huge tourism potentials ranging from hills to mountains and other attractive centres.

However, gunmen in the past have used some of the hills and mountains as hidden places to carry out their nefarious activities

As such, take personal safety seriously when you are visiting Taraba for investment opportunities and fun.

What businesses can I start in Taraba?

With the list above, other businesses you can start to include establishing viewing centres in major towns like Jalingo, Takum, and other majors areas, your comparative advantage is to make provision for power supply, security and add some fun in order to continue to win the hearts of sports-loving people around who will come again and gain.

Other less capital intensive businesses are:
Vegetable plantation

Planting of Groundnut (it is very lucrative)

Selling of Chemicals to farmers since most of the farmers would like to have a bumper harvest devoid of pest and other diseases.

Exporting of farm products to local and foreign merchants

What’s the largest tribe in Taraba state?

The Mumuyes constitute the highest population of Taraba. They speak Mumuye language. They are spread in major areas of the state.

Does Taraba State have an airport?

As a foreign owner who is would prefer to fly into the state via air, the Danbaba Danfulani Suntai Airport is there for your use. It is located in Taraba’s state capital Jalingo.


Irrespective of your budget, there are a lot of business opportunities in Taraba State that you can explore to become an employer of labour.

The success of a business depends on largely on strategic planning, capital and proper management and having a business plan.

We urge you to do your feasibility study before committing a huge amount to start any business.

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