7 Things To Know When Buying Shoes Online

Last updated on October 11th, 2022 at 03:46 pm


Tractions on Ecommerce stores are usually high during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and others. One such product that people order online includes shoes.

If you’ve found your favourite shoes online, what are the things that should guide you before purchasing a pair of shoes online?

In Nigeria, you can order shoes online on Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, and GTBank’s MarketHub while eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress are some of the global online stores where you can shop.


The advantages include being able to order from the comfort of your home, and also affords you to enjoy amazing deals, particularly during festive periods.

You need to pay attention to several things when you’re purchasing shoes online, most especially if you’re a first-timer.

Things To Know When Buying Shoes Online
Photo by Jaclyn Moy

And in a few days from now, you’ll be ordering shoes online for Christmas and New Year

Most Important Things to Check When Buying Shoes Online

  1. Be sure you’re buying from a legitimate website
  2. Know your shoe size
  3. Read the store’s return policy
  4. Read about the shoe’s materials
  5. Don’t be carried away by aesthetic outlook
  6. Pay attention to customer reviews
  7. Check for coupons or discounts to get the best deal

Be sure you’re buying from a legitimate website

The most important thing should be buying from a legitimate website.  Even if its legitimate, you also need to check out if the online URL is secured before you start using your debit or credit cards on it.

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Know your shoe size

How would you feel if after ordering a pair of shoes online and later found out it isn’t your size?

It’d be frustrating.

In that situation it’s either you return it, or you resell or give it to someone else. Before ordering shoes online, it’s very important to know your shoe size.

Depending on the countries you’re ordering from, you should know that US, UK, and European shoe sizes are different; also, different brands of shoes go by different size charts.

Some of them go by one digit or two digits E.G 8,9, 10 etc, or 38, 38, 50 etc.

Read the store’s return policy

This should be considered when purchasing any kind of product online.

We earlier published some factors to consider when buying products online.

The most important two things to read carefully are: Who pays for return shipping (you or the store)? And does the store offer a full refund or store credit only?

If the store’s return policy is not clear or filled with confusing clauses, you might want to try another online store that has a better and clearer return policy.

Read about the shoe’s materials

Since you’re ordering online, you can’t touch the shoe either can you ask customer support directly to touch it for you? So, it is also very important to read the shoe materials: Is it made of leather or cloth?

Don’t be carried away by aesthetic look

Naturally, online products are beautiful, take your time to read the description of the shoe, paying attention to the colour. And be sure of the color you want.

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Pay attention to customer reviews

Another important thing to check when buying shoes online is customer reviews, very important. Never, ever, skip this stage.

It’s even easier for men to buy shoes online than ladies because of heels: Check the heel height and the pitch on a shoe

Heels are the hardest thing to buy virtually since they can include heels of all kinds, from stilettos to kitten heels. The heel height is one major indicator of comfort, so we recommend to search for it.

The higher the heel, the scarier it becomes to make a gamble but remember,  not all four inches are created equal,” US Address says.

Check for coupons or discounts to get the best deal

While coupons are peculiar to global online stores, discount is mostly used by Nigerian online stores.

Make sure you check for coupons or discounts for you to get the best deals.

Even when the discount is cool, you can still head to another online store to compare the price and quality for you to get the best deals.

For instance, in Nigeria as at the last check, there was up to 50% discount on shoes right on Jumia.

Final thoughts:

We hope you put the above things into consideration next time you’re buying shoes online.

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