20 Business Ideas in Kebbi State for Investors


Created in 1991, Kebbi State is one of the Nigerian states foreign and indigenous investors should consider when trying to invest in any Northern region.

This article reveals 20 investment ideas in Kebbi State as there are already several businesses doing well here.

Fishing Business

One of the major things Kebbi state is known for is fishing, it’s not surprising that the annual Argungu fishing festival has attracted fans from across the world.


With this, an investor who can invest in modern fishing equipment can tap into this opportunity. As an enlightened investor with reasonable resources, you can go into this business with a revolutionary strategy, and you will do well for yourself.

You can decide to inculcate the sales of fishing equipment like nets, hooks, and so on. Don’t forget that many of the people here can’t do without these tools. If you can sell quality tools to them at affordable prices, you will easily flourish with this business. 

Tricycle and Motorbike Business

Kebbi State is not as developed as the likes of Lagos State and Abuja. Hence, there are certain things that are eminent here – that smart investors can still take good advantage of.

For instance, in the transportation sector, the popular means of movement here are tricycles and motorbikes. 

Thus, as an investor with good resources, you can start a business revolving around importing tricycles and motorbikes in huge quantities, and selling them in town.

Thankfully, the Innoson tricycle that just launched in Nigeria should be something an investor in Kebbi should consider.


You definitely going to have competitors, but you can adopt innovative strategies to get ahead of others. For instance, you can put in place a structure where those that can’t afford an outright payment can start paying in instalments.

Additionally, you can choose to include the sales of spare parts for these products.

Animal Husbandry

The livestock business is always profitable if done properly. In Kebbi State, you can also start a business revolving around rearing animals.

It is necessary to say that if you decide to opt for this particular business opportunity in Kebbi State, you won’t be the very first person to do so.

This is because there are already several people in the rural parts of the state who are into animal rearing.

You simply get a large space where you begin to rear animals like cows, goats, and rams.

In fact, your market for these animals is not limited to Kebbi State. You can always ship them down to the southern part of the country and expect good profit doing so.

Mechanized Farming

As stated earlier, Kebbi State is also famous for agriculture. Indeed, there are many people here that are farmers, since they have access to large areas of land suitable for agriculture.

Indeed, Kebbi State has huge land suitable for popular food crops. Unlike places like Lagos State and Abuja where you have to likely spend a lot of money just to get an appropriate piece of land for your farming venture, farming land in Kebbi State is cheap.

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This is why we can recommend that you go into mechanized farming also if you need a good business idea to venture into here in Kebbi State. 

Note: Mechanised farming is capital intensive venture. Nevertheless, it will easily take you ahead of the plenty rural farmers in the area.

Poultry Business

Fish may be plenty in Kebbi State quite alright, but it’s not the only thing people would always want to eat at all times.

Thus, there are people who at different times would crave things like chicken and turkey, and they won’t mind paying for them too. Thus, you can confidently consider starting a poultry business in Kebbi.

As stated earlier, if managed well, the livestock business is usually very lucrative. The same applies to poultry business.

Hospital and Maternity Centre

There are certain businesses that are superb to operate because you are not only making money, but you are also helping people. One of such business is a hospital and maternity center.

Of course, this is something very sensitive, since it has to do with the health and well-being of humans. Therefore, if you are a qualified medical doctor, you can actually look in this direction.

You can become your own boss by running your own hospital and maternity center.

If you have huge cash, you can do this in a very big way, and employ the services of qualified medical practitioners around. With a good structure (and appropriate location), your medical center will easily thrive in Kebbi State.

Electronics Store

While some businesses that flourish in Port Harcourt, Rivers State may not be so in Kebbi State, we should stress that there are many enlightened and well-to-do people living in the state.

These ones want to live a pretty comfortable life, and they won’t hesitate to spend money on the things they have need of to live a good life.

This is one prominent factor that can encourage you to invest in an electronics store in Kebbi State. You can sell stuff like fridges, Home Theatres, TVs of different types, and so on.

These electronics are given great priority by several residents of the State, and they won’t hesitate to patronize you for whatever product they are in need of at a particular time.

Raw Food Merchant

Food is important everywhere, as everyone must eat to be alive. Therefore, the food industry everywhere is always flourishing, since people can’t but take out money from their pockets to get what to eat.

Therefore, you can become a raw food merchant in Kebbi State, and you will be amazed at how much you can earn monthly. Actually, some of the lucrative businesses are being overlooked and ignored by big-time investors. This is usually because they don’t know how profitable they are.

Social Media Manager

It’s possible that you are a Kebbi-based young technology inclined youngster browsing through this webpage as you search for something you can do without huge start-up capital. This is something for you then.

You can operate as a social media manager anywhere you are in Kebbi State (as long as there is good internet there), and your knowledge of social media operations is useful as you grab this idea.

Hundreds of political office holders in Kebbi are in need of social media managers, also, there are different organizations in the state that can pay you well for helping them manage their social media presence, and you can do this from the comfort of your home too.

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Gift Shop

Kebbi State is also a tourist State in Nigeria. It is prominent for its Argungu festival, which attracts tons of people from different parts of the world.

Hence, tourism fuels certain other ventures, such as gift shops. It is a common sight to see tourists buying local craftwork in Kebbi before leaving.

Like certain other business ideas in Kebbi State, a big factor for success is your location. It is therefore important that you see to it that your store is in a location where your products can easily fly.

Transportation Business

This is another big but lucrative business idea that we can recommend to an investor interested in starting a business in Kebbi State.

It should be noted that while the transportation sector is broad, what we are referring here revolves around the interstate transportation system.

Don’t forget that many residents of the state usually have reasons to travel to other Nigerian states every now and then, and the most common means of transportation is by road.

Get trustworthy drivers, if you are operating on a large scale, utilise the use of vehicle tracking devices to monitor the movement of your fleet.

Barbing Salon

Running a barbing salon is another lucrative business in Kebbi State. It is however important to advise that you should run this business major towns.

If you have big money, you can even hire the services of experienced barbers to work for you in your salon. Make your salon as nice as possible to easily attract folks of high status in society. You can also include the sales of clippers to interested customers, and you will make more money doing that. 

Online Media in Hausa Language

This entails publishing on the internet, and you can go the way of offering the latest updates by using Hausa Language.

Today, a lot of international media organisations are targeting the Hausa speaking people of Northern Nigeria because they know that the Northern Nigerian value their language so well that they prefer to English language.

You will not only get hundreds of audiences within Kebbi, but also from other Northern states and Hausa speaking people around the World.

In case you don’t know the millions of audience, there are over 40 million people who speak Hausa Language across Africa including Ghana, Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Togo among others.

Computer Shop

If you must operate a computer shop in Kebbi State, it is very advisable that you do so in the capital of the State – Birnin Kebbi.

You should also take advantage of the strength of social media to get more exposure. That is, it doesn’t matter where your store is, anyone in Kebbi (irrespective of where they reside) can easily order from you, and you ship it to them. You can be a dealer in computer products like desktops, laptops, CPUs, keyboards, and so on. 

Fast Food Business

Fast food business is a lucrative business, since it revolves around food. Don’t forget that while the average human can survive without good clothes or shelter, they will die if they don’t eat. So, you can always expect customers as you run your business here.

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Furniture Making Business

If you check around, you will be amazed that there are already so many in this sector who are doing very well for themselves. Furniture making business can be pretty lucrative if you know what you are doing.

If you have the skills, you can start small from any part of the State (as far as there will be a constant demand for your services). Even if you don’t have the skills, you can easily learn it around.

If you have good capital, you can start a big one in the State capital, where you make and advertise chairs, beds, and so on.

Car Wash Business

Not every vehicle owner in Kebbi State has the time to wash by themselves, due to different reasons. In such a case, you being a smart investor can come in as you capitalize on this market, and you can expect success in this venture if you do everything well.

If you can get your location right, things get easier for you. While this is inherently a strenuous business, you don’t have to do it yourself.

Rather, you can employ the services of people who can work for you and earn their own wages (either on a daily or weekly basis). 

Mobile Phones and Accessories Shop

For obvious reasons, there are not many businesses of this sort in Kebbi State, when compared with what you see in states like Lagos State and Abuja.

However, you can still operate this business, since there are still people in Kebbi who are in need of mobile phones and accessories.

It is advisable however that you establish this in the capital of the State, around a commercial and busy hub.

You can also take advantage of the internet (online marketing) to reach a wider audience.

Shoe Making Business

Importing and selling very expensive shoes from abroad is not as prominent in Kebbi State. And it is one of the lucrative businesses in Lagos State and Abuja.

Hence, you can run a modest shoe and sandals making center where people will eagerly patronize your wares.

Sales of Second Hand Clothes

Indeed, you can flourish in Kebbi State as you run a business revolving around the sales of second-hand clothes.

A popular way to get these second hand clothes to Kebbi is to establish contacts with dealers in the southern part of the country.

Challenges of Doing Business In Kebbi State

The first question that any investor asks is the challenges of doing business in an area. As such, what are the challenges of doing business in Kebbi State?

  • Poor security
  • Epileptic power supply.
  • Lack of good road network

Rate of illiteracy (Kebbi State ranks 32 according to UNESCO literacy rate in Nigeria) As such, certain businesses cannot easily flourish in Kebbi.


There are several businesses you can invest in, but the above business ideas in Kebbi State are lucrative and can be expanded if you have the capital.

Ensure you conduct due diligence before committing your funds to any of them. If there are people already doing what you plan to do in the State, try to learn one or two things from their experiences before you kickstart yours.

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