Solve CAC Queried Registration

How To Solve CAC Queried Registration Issue

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 09:25 am


Query in your CAC dashboard is a request by an official of the Corporate Affairs Commission that you need to fix an issue in your business name and company registration and re-submit the application for re-assessment.

Reasons your business registration may be queried

Some of the reasons your application may be rejected or queried include:

  • An issue with uploading of your ID
  • Error with your signature
  • Recouch object
  • Size of your document
  • Reconcile voting percentage for limited liability
  • No query reason
  • Duplication of directors or proprietor’s details
  • Proprietor’s address
  • Discrepancies in the data of trustees
  • Failure to follow the prescribed file format
  • Failure to follow the prescribed photo or document size

What to do if you’re asked to “recouch object”

Recouch object simply means you have to rephrase the nature of your business. It means you have to use the right words that convey the nature of the business.


You are most likely to get a “recouch object” query if you failed to properly describe the nature of your business. Simply put, use simple and understandable words to describe the services your business will be offering.

How To Solve Problem in Uploaded Documents

If you already uploaded these docs and were flagged, it’s either the photos were larger than the required size or blunt (not clear enough).

To rectify the problem:

  • Scan your ID
  • Append your signature on a white paper and scan to the required size
  • Go back to your portal to upload
  • Click on query
  • Submit and mark as resolved

The space to upload a new document can be found on the last page of your registration portal.

If you already uploaded documents, click on it to upload a new one, which will automatically replace the old one.


This is better done on a laptop or desktop computer to get the best result. If you are using an Android device, it’s better to use Chrome, Mozilla, or Bing browser and switch to desktop view.

How To Resolve Duplication Of Directors Or Proprietor’s Details

You may encounter this issue as a Public User Account, to resolve this issue,

  • Login to your account
  • Click “Profile” to edit your profile information
  • Choose Edit
  • Complete and correct all the fields
  • Click the “Save” button
  • Head back to the dashboard
  • Choose “delete” on the duplicated entry
  • Mark as resolved, that’s all
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How To Solve Name Substitution Query

If your name application is successful, you shouldn’t sleep with your eyes closed, you might still get queries on the name reservation from the CAC review team.

So, if CAC asks you to change the approved name for the entity after you’ve submitted the application for registration, here is what to do:

  • Go ahead to reserve another name
  • Select “Name substitution” as a reason for the name reservation.
  • When the name is approved, login to CRP
  • Click on the “resolve query” on your dashboard.

That’s all

How To Resolve “No Query Reason”

No query reason on cac registration

In the course of resolving some of the reasons why your application may be rejected, we’ve seen a flagged submission where the query reason wasn’t stated.

To solve this problem, simply run a check on your application, ensure that your profile aligns with the details in your submission (unless you’re an accredited agent).

To resolve this issue

  • Check that there are no discrepancies in your data
  • Then “mark as resolved” and resubmit.
  • Your submission would be reviewed and approved.


We’ve also seen a situation whereby you only need to mark as resolved and wait for a review again.

Difficulty In Uploading Picture, Signature, Or Document?

Some of the reasons your application may be rejected under the uploading of the document include:

  • If your signature is blur
  • If your passport is not clear
  • If your document is above the required size

Let’s take the above issue one after the other:

Blur Signature:

To resolve the issue of blur signature:

  • Append your signature on plain paper
  • Snap and crop the paper
  • If the size is more than 5MB, use the photo cropping tool eg
  • Upload and submit

Format for signature should be JPEG or PNJ

Blur Passport Photo

If your passport photo is blur, take a new one and follow the process above to ensure that it isn’t above 5MB

  • Upload and submit
  • Format for a photo should be JPEG or PNJ
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Converting Documents To PDF

First, ensure that you follow the required file format and size. If you are asked to upload a PDF format of a document, you can simply open the document on your laptop and convert it to whatever format is required.

If you are finding this difficult, go online, search for “how to convert document to PDF”

  • Follow the process and ensure that each document isn’t above 5MB
  • Upload and submit

More Than Required File Size

If your documents are more than the required size, you’d either find it difficult to upload or your application would be queried. If your documents are blur, your application would be rejected.

  • To resize it, you can use the photo resizing tool
  • Upload and submit


Ensure that your photo and documents are in the prescribed format.

How To Resolve Error In Reserved Name

If you reserved a business or company name and you later discovered that there is an error, don’t fret, here is how to resolve it:

The first solution is to wait till the expiration of the reservation which is usually 60 working days.

The second option is to proceed with the registration and submit an application for a change of name after registration.

Our take:

It’s better to wait till the expiration of the name reservation or apply for another name. You’re most likely to spend more time and money when you apply for a change of company or business name

Inability To Login To Your Portal

In case you’re handling the registration by yourself, you’re most likely to encounter the error report “Not Authorised” when you try to login to your portal

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Check to ensure that you’re using the appropriate email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password

  • Click reset passport
  • Check your inbox and click the reset link to reset your password
  • Use the new credentials to log in, that’s all

What To Do If You Are Asked To Increase Issued Share Capital

You may be asked to increase share capital if the company’s issued share capital is lower than the prescribed issued share capital for the proposed object(s).

you have two available options to resolve this issue:

  1. Remove the specific object(s) completely
  2. Increase the issued share capital to meet the prescribed minimum issued share capital.

If the second option is your choice, then filing fees and stamp duties should be paid on the increase through and respectively.

When payment is completed, log in to your portal and upload receipts as “OTHERS” under the upload options.

That’s all.

Are you still having an issue?

You can ask us to resolve the issue for you once and for all.

CAC doesn’t issue more than one query at a time. This means if you have multiple rejection reasons, CAC will query you one after the other.

You could be queried more than 100 times in as much there are errors yet to be rectified in your registration.

How we come in:

With an accredited CAC agent on InfomediaNG Query Resolution Team, we can resolve both present and potential queries.


For NGOs, the minimum service charge is N20K because of its technicality.

Are you ready?

Contact Us To Resolve CAC Issues InfomediaNG

If you’re having an issue using the link, you reach out directly to us on WhatsApp at +2348027024054


If you can’t afford our service, kindly follow our guide to resolve your registration issue.

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    Top of the day to you.
    Please I got a query to change occupation to business.
    I had done that through my profile, Unfortunately, there was no edit option on the proprietor ‘s details.
    How do I go about this.
    Kindly assist.

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  11. Temitope Akinrimisi

    Please my application has been queried uncountable number of times with most of those queries vague and ambiguous. The current query is; UPDATE COMMENCEMENT DATE.
    Now i don’t understand what they want here. Please assist.

    1. Hey Temitope, if the registration is yours, kindly check your profile, make sure it’s the same as your uploaded ID. Check the uploaded docs to be sure you uploaded the right file format.

      If you’re queried again, send a message to us on WhatsApp 08027024054 to resolve the issue.

      Our service isn’t FREE

  12. Please assist. I am about paying for registration of my business name. i can see the fee as #10,000 for registration and #25,000 for hiding of business name.

    I don’t want hiding of business name. what can i do? how can i unhide?

  13. Dear Ope,

    Kindly assist with this query i got on a sole name.


    1. Replace occupation with Business, that’s it. If you still need assistance, you can send a message on WhatsApp

  14. how do respond to query regarding means of identification as column of id is not showing

  15. Good day,
    Please, how can I edit the proprietor’s information on this CAC portal. It has been queried so many times but there is no way I could edit the required field.
    Your response and help will greatly be appreciated.

    1. Please read the guide again or contact us if you want us to resolve the issue for you. Shoot us a message on WhatsApp on 08027024054

  16. Hello, thank for the good work you are doing. God bless you.
    Please below is the query I received on my company registration at CAC portal
    “arrange objects into paragraphs,,,,”
    I have tried to arrange the objects as requested but was not getting right. Please kindly guide me as to how to arrange the object into paragraphs.
    Thank you in anticipation.

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        Please I have been queried several times on duplicate nature of business. And I don’t know how to go about it. I have tried deleting one of them. But as soon as I leave that page, it shows something else I never typed on the preview. I am so confused. It keeps happening.

  18. Pls how do I resolve this query ‘present alternative name via the name substitution window on the portal’?

    1. Hey Kelvin,

      Is your registration LLC or Sole proprietorship? If you’re finding it difficult, why not reach out to a certified CAC agent or read the content again to join our CAC issue resolution WhatsApp group. However, our service is NOT free.

  19. I got querried on passport photography and the size of the picture I used is 5m my signature was accept but my picture write not upload please what cause is it ID card I will upload or passport photography

  20. I got a query and was told to pls fill proprietor and presenter bio data I have always filled this out and even have their bio data on my preview page correctly spelt out I don’t seem to understand CAC my reservation name is expiring in 7dats already

  21. Please I need guidance on what next to do. My business name was queried more than 10 times. Finally, I was asked to present alternative names through the name substitution window.

    I did this after which I clicked on the resolved button and the query disappeared.

    A few days later the new name substitution was approved and I was asked to click on a page to complete my registration but each time I click on the page it takes me to post-incorporation.

    I haven’t been able to complete this registration. I am lost. Please help

    pls how can i go about this cos been queried 7times and just todays alone 4times with different reasons and now this….

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    good day Sir
    my issue is that my business name registration has been queried 10 times without a single reason for query, please help me what am i going to do. this is very frustrating. i supplied all the needed information thanks

      1. I have called them many times on 09087401598
        Still no way. please what can be done about it. Each time I marked as resolved, it still returns back as query. Thanks

  24. My business name registration has been queried four times. At first it was on three different reasons, I resolved the two but the third one says “RECOUCH BUSINESS NATURE DESCRIPTION”. I don’t know the meaning of “recouch”. I have checked dictionary and it means something strange. I gave edited my nature of business and they still query it. They don’t even write reasons again. They only say “PLEASE COMPLY” or “COMPLY PLS”. I don’t even know what to do again.

  25. Sir, my query on business name after having a successful name reservation, am still asked to change my business name on the substitution window portal. Please how do i resolve this?

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    I have try check severally I’m not seeing any restriction please guide me on what to do thanks

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  28. Pls how do I resolve this query ‘present alternative name via the name substitution window on the portal’?

  29. Please how to I resolve this query : RECONCILE PROPRIETOR’S NAME WITH ID
    There’s no room for editing name on the edit profile..

    It’s urgent please

  30. According to my query they said I should put paragraph in the object but I have put it before before submitting it and dey the out view still shows that the paragraph is not been putting in it the object please how can I resolve it

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  35. What is the acceptable picture & signature size for upload on the CAC portal? My application has been queried 4 times without any reason.


    I was queried on my CAC registration, but there was no reason attached and there is way to access and correct the query.
    Kindly help

    1. The reason is stated there. Check very well, Mr Akinola. Click on the reason to rectify and click resolved when you are done. Kindly follow this guide.

      If you want us to handle this for you, you will pay a service charge. Reach out on 08065277758 (WhatsApp Only)

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        My registration is queried and i cant find the reason there. Pls how can i sort it out

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    Please am having problem with my registration. It’s been queried but I don’t see the reason for it on the portal please what will I do. Thanks.

    1. Hey Olufemi,

      Look around very well, the reason for the rejection must be there. If you are still having a problem resolving this issue, call us back.

  39. dear sir good evening and has your work I hope you are doing ok then the issue of c a c number that you need from all the business sactor in the nation it is very good for your knowledge why because many of our businesses does not have and a c a c number but for know many business people have voting it thank for your remain

    1. Am still unable to upload my signature and photograph
      It bringing not uploaded, I’ve tried it several times

        1. sodiq ismaila

          pls I have a query to rescan my passport and signature pls where am I to click so as to reupload the documents

          1. Hello Sodiq, the option to upload documents is at the last page of the dashboard. Click on unresolved query, click save and continue till you get to the last page.

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