Solve CAC Queried Registration

How To Solve CAC Queried Registration Issue

Last Updated on May 8, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Ever since the Federal Government rolled out some of its loans, the excitement among small business owners to register their businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission has risen significantly.

Evidence of business registration is one of the key requirements to access some of the CBN survival fund and other funding opportunities.

Along the way, some of them faced different problems. One of such is CAC queried registration issue. We’ll tell you how to resolve this problem in case you come across it in the course of your business registration.

How to fix CAC Queried Registration Issue

If you get alert on your CAC portal, it means you are yet to properly upload some of the documents needed to verify you.

You shouldn’t be alarmed, you only need to follow the instructions here and complete your registration.

Usually, the alert will tell you what documents you need to upload to validate the process.

In the photo above, the applicant has not uploaded his means of identity and signature.

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As such, his application was flagged and what he needed to do was clearly stated:

Queried reason: upload voters card for means of ID and signature.

What to do:

If you already uploaded these docs and were flagged, it’s either the photos were larger than the required size or blunt (not clear enough).

To rectify the problem:

  • Scan your ID
  • Append your signature on a white paper and scan to the required size
  • Go back to your portal to upload
  • Click on query
  • Submit and mark as resolved

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This is better done on a laptop or desktop computer to get the best result. If you are using an Android device, it’s better to use Chrome, Mozilla, or Bing browser and switch to desktop view.

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27 thoughts on “How To Solve CAC Queried Registration Issue”

  1. dear sir good evening and has your work I hope you are doing ok then the issue of c a c number that you need from all the business sactor in the nation it is very good for your knowledge why because many of our businesses does not have and a c a c number but for know many business people have voting it thank for your remain

  2. Anthony olufemi kwegan

    Please am having problem with my registration. It’s been queried but I don’t see the reason for it on the portal please what will I do. Thanks.

  3. Please I got a “Queried Reason: COMPLETE PROPRIETOR’S DATA” but theres no way i can edit the proprietors data given as its not highlighting or giving room for editing. How do i go about it please


    I was queried on my CAC registration, but there was no reason attached and there is way to access and correct the query.
    Kindly help

    1. The reason is stated there. Check very well, Mr Akinola. Click on the reason to rectify and click resolved when you are done. Kindly follow this guide.

      If you want us to handle this for you, you will pay a service charge. Reach out on 08065277758 (WhatsApp Only)

  5. What is the acceptable picture & signature size for upload on the CAC portal? My application has been queried 4 times without any reason.

  6. Pls. I need help with my registration. the current query status says (Broker requires a share capital of 300mil). The company I am registering is not a Brokerage company or business. pls, educate me.

  7. I had been queried many times now which the problem hasn’t yet solved as a result of second director there was no way exit the page, shareholders stuff has been showing me after submitted the registration during query can not be modified so I dont know how to resolve this problem with cac portal

    1. Good day, kindly assist, I have been battling with provide “principal activity 1 and 2. I don’t know what to do please

  8. My queried registration was resolved and now it says no record found. Please what can I do? I do not want to lose the name after all the effort. Thank you

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