WordPress Launches EthereumAds Plugin For Bloggers To Earn ETH, Here Is How To Install It

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by Ope Quadri

It seems online advertising can no longer depend on Google’s Adsense for cryptocurrency ads as Ethereum launched a platform for advertisers to reach millions of crypto enthusiasts around the World.

The new plugin EthereumAds will allow WordPress publishers to receive ad earnings directly into their Ether (ETH) wallets, an official statement by WordPress said.

EthereumAds Plugin will enable bloggers, content creators and publishers to auction advertisement space, complementing one of several ways to earn cryptocurrency without an investment.

The statement read:

“After you inserted our widget your ad space is automatically openly auctioned off using our smart contract every two weeks to the highest bidder”.

In an official statement posted on EthereumAds website, the ETH plugin plans to favourably compete with Google AdSense.

Adsense which is the largest monetisation has dominated the ads space for more a decade though it pays 68% of your Ad earning.

At a time, Google announced that it would not allow crypto-related ads on its campaign, which was seen a major setback to cryptocurrency campaigns in January 2019

There have been other players in the market but found it difficult to compete the tech giant.

This time, EthereumAds specifically promises to provide publishers with lower commissions, promising to pay bloggers a whopping 90%.

Who can use EthereumAds

A statement seen by InfomediaNG shows that the EthereumAds isn’t exclusively designed for crypto-related blogs, but open to any type of content like:

  • General blog
  • Health blog
  • Investment blog
  • Tech blog
  • Crypto blog etc

But from the way it’s designed, it seems crypto-related blog will enjoy goodwill from crypto advertisers more.

It will also be a big win for blogs that enjoy huge traffic in countries where cryptocurrency is popular.

How to Install EthereumAds Plugin

Either in the official page of EthereumAds on plugin dashboard of WP, this plugin can be downloaded.

  • On the official site, download the zip file your local computer
  • Log in to your WP dashboard plugin area, click Add New, then Upload, select the previously downloaded zip file and click Install Now
  • Click the ‘Activate’ link for EthereumAds Widget on your Plugins page.
  • Check the ‘Settings” link and paste in your Ethereum public key and choose your desired banner size.

On where to show your Ads:

  • Head straight to “Appearance>>Widgets and drag and drop the widget to wherever you want to show it on the header or “Sidebar”

How does it work?

Once the banner is activated the plugin or insert the HTML snippet “your ad space is automatically openly auctioned off using the smart contract every two weeks to the highest bidder.”

How you get paid

If you already have Ethereum wallet, insert it in the key section at the setting page of the plugin.

This way, your earnings go directly into your Ethereum wallet.



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