Feedspot Top 30 Real Estate Blogs in Nigeria

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NaijaHouses, EucarlRealty, Joe Nigeria real estate blog, Independent Newspapers Real Estate, and Plisthub are among the top 30 real estate blogs in Nigeria, according to Feedspot, a blog discovery platform.

According to Anuj Agarwal, the founder of Feedspot, the property blogs were selected by a panelist of the blog discovery platform, which has over 50 experts who discover blogs that make contributions in a specific niche and industry.

Below is a list of Nigeria’s real estate and property blogs in descending order

Drekford Blog

Drekford is a real estate blog that lists property and provides useful real estate tips for potential investors.

Also, drekford which is ranked no. 27 also provides brokerage services, sales, and marketing. Its useful content in the industry makes the website discovered by feedspot.

Oakwood Heights Blog

Oakwood Heights Limited provides real estate services for property investors. The company which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) also provides real estate guides on its blog by providing investment advisory to Nigerians in diaspora and at home who intend to invest in real estate back home. Oakwood heights blog is 26 on the list


On number 25 is Buy Land Lagos (BLL) which is a real estate brokerage firm and property management company that provides useful guide for intending investors in the industry across Lagos and Abuja. BLL doesn’t own any property, but partners with real estate companies with track records in the industry.

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Zylus Group International Blog

Ranked no.24 by feedspot, Zylus Group International is an investment company with an interest in real estate, agriculture, and logistics. It investment tips on property investment are top-notch.

Veritasi Homes

Veritasi Homes blog provides marketing, advisory, and development services in the industry in Nigerian and selected African countries. It’s ranked no.23.

Nigeria Real Estate Hub

Ranked No. 22, Nigeria Real Estate Hub provides updates and news in the real estate industry. If you want to stay updated on what’s happening in the industry, Nigeria’s real estate hub is your plug.

Nigeria Property Zone Blog

This provides consultancy services in real estate to individuals and companies that want to take a dive into real estate.

Osekemi Properties Nigeria Limited

O’sekemi Properties Blog provides services in lease, purchases, and property management. It has been in the industry for more than a decade. It’s ranked 20 by feedspot.

Fine & Country Blog

Fine & Country which ranked No. 19, majorly deals in corporate sales and leasing of premium commercial and luxurious residential properties in Nigeria.

Green Park Estate

Ranked 18 is the green park estate blog which makes it easy for homebuyers to find their dream home.

Dradrock Real Estate Limited

One of the fastest-growing real estate companies based in Nigeria is Dradrock Real Estate limited. Its innovative marketing in the real estate sector in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the strategies most of the estates sell faster than expected. The company also has a dedicated blog where it provides investment guides to investors.

Purple Living

Focusing on the development and finance of notable properties in Lagos is Purple Living. Ranked 16 in the real estate blogs in Nigeria, purple living provides financial services to huge projects in and across Nigeria.

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Wemabod Blog

Wemabod Estates Limited provides services in property development and property management and some of the avoidable real estate investment mistakes in the industry.

LandWey Blog

Lanwey Limited is one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria, added to this is its top-notch property investment guides in the sector. Its blog section is ranked 14 for its useful tips.

Real Estate News

Ranked 13 by feedspot , Real estate news focuses on updates in the property sector that may interest investors in the industry

MKH Investment Blog

MKH Investment’s major area is providing solutions to some of the challenges in real estate, most especially in Land Banking and housing projects.

Photizo Properties Blog

Photizo Properties Ltd is a marketing real estate company and it also provides investment guides for prospective investors.


What are the top 10 real estate blogs in Nigeria?

In ascending order, here are the top property blogs based in Nigeria

  1. NaijaHouses Blog
  2. EucarlRealty Blog
  3. Joe Nigeria Real Estate Blog
  4. Independent Newspapers » Real Estate
  5. Plisthub
  6. Danbel Properties & Investment Blog
  7. Property Point Nigeria Blog
  8. Vanguard » Homes & Property
  9. Thinkmint Nigeria Blog
  10. African Real Estate Blog Post » Nigeria
Wrapping Up:

While the Feedspot ranking above are providing helps guide in the industry, it is important to note that real estate listing websites like Villa Afrika, Property Pro, and Nigeria Property Centre are also worth mentioning because they also provide guides in the industry.

About Feedspot

Feedspot is home to over 50 experts who discover and rank blogs, podcasts, and youtube channels in several niches across the web. Some of the parameters used by feedspot include relevancy, blog post freshness, social metrics, and domain authority among others.

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