Getblogged High Paying Writing Job Opportunities for Bloggers Worldwide

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If you just heard about getblogged high paying writing job opportunities you probably want to get more facts on how realistic is it to make 27 Pounds per post on your blog.

The fact is there are lots of high paying writing job assignments online as revealed in one of our blog posts, “Legitimate ways to make money online”.


In today’s exchange rate, 27 Pounds is over $35 in the United State, and over N12, 000 in Nigeria.

How does getblogged work?

Getblogged is a high paying writing opportunities platform for bloggers, who want to write for top brands, and get paid less than 24hours after their content get approved.

Simply put, getblogged it’s an outreach between top brands around the World (who want to collaborate with influential bloggers), and content writers (who want to make extra money from hundreds of of high paying writing opportunities) on the platform.

Advertisers’ assignments are accomplished with brief (assignment specifications), and a writer picks the one he believes he qualifies and that he can effectively and efficiently deliver.

My experience with getblogged:

How does it pay?

Payment is determined by the Domain Authority (DA) of your site. For instance, if you have a blog which has DA 5+ score, the least I’ve seen so far since I started using the blogging outreach platform is 10 Pounds (that’s over N4,000; over 13 US Dollars).getblogged high paying writing jobs

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For DA 10+ placement, the least is 17 Pounds; for a site which has DA 20+, the price ranges between 27-30 Pounds per content.

Is your blog search engine ranking score 30 or above? You can start earning 37 Pounds or above for a content you publish.

The good part, those sites with a high search engine ranking score or 40+ can make 50 Pounds, 60 Pounds or more per content.

Who writes the content on getblogged?

You write the content by following the project specifications of the advertiser. There are always guide, simplifying everything for you.

From my experience highest words per content has been 750 words, and this is peculiar to sites that have DA 20+ ranking score.

What niche?

The niche cut across adult, dating, blogging, fashion, web design, home, wedding, food and lots.

Another good thing about this high paying writing opportunities is that bloggers and advertisers all around the world are welcomed: no segregation, it’s a community of like-minds, where getblogged brings advertisers and bloggers together.

How long does it take to get paid

All you need to do after filtering the high paying writing opportunities on getblogged, reading the guide, then send a pitch.

Example of a writing job pitch

The outreach platform has all you need to get the best writing assignments, however you can reach me 24/7 for a guide on how to write a pitch for a writing job (FREE).

Method of payment:

After posting my first assignment, I received a mail from the out reach platform, and payment got in less than 24 hours.

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Method of payment

You get paid through PayPal. I hope you also know that Nigerians can now receive PayPal payment directly?getblogged high paying writing jobs

Yes! You don’t need any trick, but that will be in another guide.

The platform, as earlier said, isn’t for bloggers alone, top brands can register as well to push their brands in front of millions of views bloggers generate on their sites.

It’s simple, flexible, great support.

Are you ready to make extra cash writing or collaborate with bloggers?

Note: If you register using my link below, I’ll get some points as a registered member.



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    Ope is a finance writer and researcher with 10+ years of experience in content creation. His interests cut across real estate investment, foreign exchange, government policies and politics. He has a knack for breaking down complex financial concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Ope is available on Twitter @OpeQuadri.


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    • It depends. But you’ll usually get response from them when all applications on that batch closed.

      If you applied for an assignment that’s going to close on August 30, you will have to wait till August 30 or more till compilation and vetting of applications are done.

  1. How do I go about writing a pitch… Do I write the post of 500 words and send to them for approval? Or just send a part of I just talk about why I’m good for the job.


    Hi Eti,

    Check the sample of a pitch below:

    Pitch Example 1 – Formal:

    Hello [Brand]

    My name is [Name], and I own [blog niche] blog, [Blog URL], which has a DA of [DA Score], covering [subject], [subject] and [subject].

    [Blog Name] clocks up around [number] content shares a month, and is frequently visited by an engaged, returning audience.

    I would be honoured to collaborate with [Brand], and have come up with the following content ideas in preparation for working with you:

    – [Content idea one]

    – [Content idea two]

    – [Content idea three]

    I have noted your delivery deadline and project requirements, and I would share my content, upon your approval on my busy and engaged social networks.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you soon.

    [Your name]

    [Your email]

    [Your Blog URL]



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