How to Advertise a Black History Month Sale on Your Black-Owned Online Store


February is Black History Month, wherein we celebrate the amazing achievements made by Black people throughout US history. From civil rights activists to artists, policymakers to entrepreneurs, we honor the Black history being made now and each day.

The month is undoubtedly an annual celebration of the Black community’s history, accomplishments, and significance.

If you’re a business owner looking to take advantage of the occasion, you need to go beyond merely putting a Martin Luther King Jr. phrase.


In this post, you’ll learn how to use Black History Month to enlighten your audience, uplift innovators, and make changes happen.

1. Make a Black People Spotlight Section

The most meaningful way to commemorate Black History Month is to use your platform to highlight and elevate Black figures.

Fortunately, you may use an awesome hero image creator tool while doing so, which allows you to effortlessly create visual material for your social media and website.

Do you know what the hero image creator tool is? It is an easy-to-use and customizable PosterMyWall tool that assists you in making eye-catching hero images to help you advertise your company.

You can use any image of a Black figure you like to highlight and upload it into the PosterMyWall hero image template. This is an effective technique to help Black personalities tell their stories to your audience.

Instagram takeovers, in which Black creators take control of your platform to communicate their views to your audience, are one approach to do so. You may also host an event with a lineup of Black innovators or industry professionals.

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2. Contribute to Anti-Racism Charities

The last several years have been marked with public demonstrations against police violence. With these facts in hand, charities and organizations that advocate anti-racism fairness and equality allow donations to maintain their collaborative work to achieve justice for the Black community.

Your company can help the charity in a variety of ways, including donating or volunteering. In addition to providing a one-time donation, you can subscribe to become a member of such a movement, which will assist the nonprofit in planning and coordinating larger anti-racist efforts.

3. Create Engaging Contests

Photo contests are one way to create engaging material during Black History Month. You can use these campaigns to encourage your audience to upload their own images in exchange for a reward or to be highlighted on your social network.

Quizzes are also great for attracting a large audience! Alternatively, consider having a community event in which members can contribute their views on their favorite Black historical personalities. There are numerous events available for your audience to participate in!

If you can incorporate your product or brand into the event, that can work nicely. But keep in mind that this isn’t the primary goal.

4. Create A Representative Advertising Message

Build relationships rather than just selling stuff. When it comes to reaching out to communities of color, representation is crucial. potential consumers abandoned a brand because its advertising failed to reflect their identities.

Consumers want to see that you understand who they are and that your offering is for them in order to believe in and connect with your brand. So, inclusive marketing is the way to go for your brand.

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And there is no replacement for getting to know your clients when it comes to developing authentic campaigns that fulfill your goals.

Any group you’ve identified as a valuable customer persona for your company should understand that you support them.

5. Co-Create A Campaign with A Black Community

Black History Month is an excellent time to raise awareness about local community activities and offers persistent support. You may try to advertise an exclusive product while donating a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization.

If you’re not sure how to properly display the special edition product, PosterMyWall’s product display mockup tool can help. Even if you have limited computer knowledge, you should be able to quickly learn the tool.

Alternatively, you might utilize the month to spotlight an issue in your industry and explain how you’re working to change it.

With such a promotion strategy, you’ll also be contributing to a more inclusive environment in your business and community.

Key Takeaway

Every American president has recognized February as Black History Month since 1976. The event’s origins may be traced even further back to 1915, when the ASALH, an organization committed to documenting the accomplishments of Black Americans, was founded.

With Black History Month approaching, many brands are striving to acknowledge and include multicultural consumers by commemorating Black heritage.

Doing relevant and interesting promotions is one approach to tie your organization with this occasion and engage your audience.

Many firms are already preparing how to make this year’s Black History Month a success. Know that preparation is essential as you strive to expand your business and niche consumers.

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