How Emma Broxy’s Designs got to where it is today-Ighata Emmanuel

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Recently, one of the most powerful South-West politicians said it wasn’t rosy as some of his admirers thought. He reveals how he struggled to attain the success he is enjoying today.

Similarly, one of the great Nigerian designers to watch out is Ighata Osaabhuohien Emmanuel, who is glowing in the world of design even though he hasn’t gotten to where he wants to be, his success in the World of design caught the attention of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SMEs) Unit of InfomediaNG.

He told Anthony Amenaghawon how he started, enjoy:


Give an introduction about yourself?

I am Ighata Osaabhuohien Emmanuel AKA Emma Broxy. CEO of Emma Broxy’s Designs which for now is jus a clothing brand.

Family, education etc?

Ighata Osaabhuohien Emmanuel AKA Emma Broxy. CEO of Emma Broxy's Designs
Ighata Osaabhuohien Emmanuel, CEO of Emma Broxy’s Designs

I am born into the Mr and Mrs Francis Ighata in the 80’s. I am the sixth of seven children. Four ladies and three guys.

I am the last among the guys. I did my primary and post primary education in Sapele, Delta State. Also did little of my post primary education in Benin city, Edo state.

I am a Physics and Electronics graduate from the Great Polytechnic, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state.

Will love to further when its the right time comes.

When did the passion for designing start?

The passion came when I was a kid and I did not have clothes of my choice to put on then.

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I even share clothes with my immediate elder sister (Fedora Ighata), even up to her swim suit, my brother (Late Edgar) bought for her then. It was as bad as that.

That was when it dawn on me that how I wish I could make clothes for myself since there’s no money to buy.

 This was like 1996 and even up to year 2000, Even when I was in my senior school, I don’t even have clothes of my choice to go to parties.

 Hmmmmm, what a memory!!!!! But I deviated from it but later it jus came back with full force, and here we are now. 

How has the journey been so far?

The journey has not been smooth. Its rough like the Nigeria Highway but surely it has been worth every of my input I must confess.


Number one challenge has been good capital. I started very small but the dream was big and even bigger now. Number two challenge is electricity

Number three is low workforce too.

Role models?

My role models are 

  • Seyi Vodi (vodi tailors)
  • Ugo Monye
  • Mudi Africa
  • Yomi casuals
  • Sean John
  • Calvin Klein
  • And others

What has kept you going?

The will and zeal to do more

Future plans?

Having a brand bigger than my role models.

Words for those who want to go into fashion?

Fashion  is an avenue to express urself. U must have a message u are willing to preach through ur creativity. Fashion is life u must breath it, eat it, sleep with it, be pregnant for it and be ready to give birth to it (new designs).

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