Jumia Black Friday 2022: How To Buy Quality Cheaper Products

Last updated on October 24th, 2022 at 03:09 pm

UPDATE: The countdown to Jumia Black Friday 2022 will start ticking any moment from now as thousands of shoppers in Nigeria look forward to buying amazingly cheaper products.

This is the time you could enjoy as much as 99% discount on amazing products ranging from clothing, wristwatches, phones, and others.

Jumia Black Friday

We already shared with you some of the black Friday shopping tips in one of our posts, it has to be in real-time, a few seconds after the huge discount is rolled out and you missed out, that’s all.

Other Benefits of Jumia’s Black Friday

  • You’d enjoy an extra 5% off (up to N500)
  • Access to shopping money loans of up to N100,000
  • Enjoy 10% off when you pay with Mastercard on Tuesday (It’s called MasterCard Tuesday)

When is 2022 Black Friday in Nigeria?

On Jumia, Black Friday begins on Friday, November 4, 2022, through November 30. Jumia Black Friday will be every Friday in November.

The global date for 2022 Black Friday is November 25.

The beauty of this is that it’s coming up when millions of online shoppers will be preparing for Christmas.

Electronics, household items to fashion clothing are mentioned at discounted prices.

Jumia flash sales NOW

How not to miss out

  • Download the Jumia App
  • Follow up on its social media accounts or set up a reminder (notification).

How to Shop on Jumia Store

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to shop on the Jumia store error-free. We are putting this guide together because Jumia store has some qualities that make it one of the best online stores in Nigeria:

Benefits of Shopping on Jumia Store:

  1. Costs
  2. Optional Payment methods
  3. Return policy
  4. Trust
  5. Originality of products
  6. Customer support
  7. Availability of Free Shipping
  8. Ease of Use
  9. Returns and Cancellation Policies

Price of products:

In terms of cost, some of jumia’s products and goods are cheaper compared to other online stores in Nigeria.

Optional payment methods:

With its own JumiaPay which supports MasterCard, Verve, and Visa, and bank transfer, you have different payment methods to choose from.

That’s great because you’re not restricted to certain payment methods. Whichever one you are familiar with, Jumia store got you covered.

Return Policy:

There is clear return policy for any products you purchased on Jumia that you feel it isn’t your specification. But we advise you read the return policy before making purchase.

Availability of free shipping:

If are you making an order on Jumia within Lagos then you can enjoy seamless free shipping on goods purchased on the online store.

If you’re buying from another state you’ll have to buy or spend a certain amount to enjoy Jumia free shipping.

Free shipping is one of the qualities that caught our attention at InfomediNG. Though it isn’t the only online store that provides free shipping, you can get this on AliExpress too. But Jumia deserves commendation for this.

In our upcoming post, we’ll delve into the factors extensively. So it’s time to show you how to buy products on jumia.

In online store, a cart can be described as the archive of products you have shown interest in buying.

How to shop on the Jumia store error-free

  • Step 1: Sign up for an account
  • Step 2: Login to explore jumia products
  • Step 3: Select your products
  • Step 4: Click buy now
  • Step 5: Click on Cart
  • Step 6: Click checkout
  • Step 7: Fill address form
  • Step 8: Confirm order
  • Step 9: Enter your credit card details. Hit PAY
  • Step 10: Track your order when your order leaves Jumia store.

Step 1: While some of the guides online tell you to pick your desired products before signing up for an account, we believe that setting up a Jumia account should be the first.

Signing up takes less than 10 seconds. Simply enter your email address, First name, Last name, and your password.

Once you enter the above details and hit sign up you are right away to the products page. You can follow this guide to enjoy Jumia Black Friday flash sales.

Step 2: Begin to explore the thousands of irresistible products and gadgets on the online store. To make your shopping easy, products have been categorized, so go to the category of items that have been itemised again for simplicity.

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be shopping for ladies’ bags and high waist tummy control (hip sharper).

To even narrow it down, you may choose a woman’s fashion, and select the range of sizes you wish to purchase.

Under shipped from, pick “Nigeria” you can ship from abroad as swell via jumia. We’ll put up a guide on how to do that in another guide.

Select your desired color

Step 3: Select your products. Scroll down to read the specs of whatever products you’re purchasing from jumia. Be sure it meets your standard.

Step 4: Hit “Buy Now” it’ll be added automatically to your Cart.

Step 5: Click “Cart” to view a list of products you’ve added. If you’re outside Lagos, the worth of the product or total amount of products you’re ordering determines whether you’ll be able to enjoy jumia free shipping privilege.

Free shipping is mostly available for Lagos residents.

Under the total make sure to cross-check what you’re paying for.

Step 6: Click “Checkout”

Step 7: Enter your delivery address. This is very important as it will be used to get your products to you. Be descriptive in your address. Use a popular place closer to you in a situation where your house isn’t properly numbered. Hit, “SAVE”

Step 8: Confirm order. Pay special attention to the shipping fee if you’re not in Lagos. In a situation whereby the shipping fee (transport fee) of the products you order is more than what you’re actually buying it’s better to cancel your order unless it’s okay by you. Choose your mode of payment.

How to pay on jumia is simplified in such a way that you can make payment through JumiaPay supported by MasterCard, Visa, Verve and bank transfer.

JumiaPay is a free, secure payment platform that allows you to transfer funds online via bank transfer or card payment without sharing your information with any shopping system.

You get 5% discount the first time you use JumiaPay.

Step 9: Enter your card details. And hit pay, and check your inbox for details of your order.

Step 10: A Jumia tracking code will be sent to your email and possibly be called by jumia support. Keep your tracking code. You’ll need it when your product arrives and want to claim it.

That’s all, you just place an order on jumia online store in Nigeria.

Why your Jumia Payment may be rejected:

  1. Insufficient funds in your account
  2. Failure to receive SMS for OTP
  3. Debit card not profiled
  4. Entering wrong PIN code

There are some reason why your order on Jumia may be rejected, here are some of the reasons:

Entering the wrong PIN code

If you attempted to pay via Debit/Credit Card but wrongly introduced the PIN code .

Debit card not profiled

If you debit card is not profiled for online payment.


We suggest you select another payment method next time or call your bank to enable your card for online payments.

Failure to receive SMS for OTP

If you didn’t receive the SMS with the OTP. Sometimes the phone number registered with your card or bank account is different from the one you are using at the time of your transaction.


Please call your bank to update to the correct phone number or use the SIM card associated with your bank account.

Insufficient funds in your account

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your account, you Jumia order will be rejected.


Select another payment method or make a transaction after you have sufficient funds on your card/bank account.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

The following points will help you prepare yourself for a fun Black Friday on Jumia or any other online stores across the World.

  • Planning
  • Making Enquiries
  • Visit Websites
  • Download Apps
  • Be early enough
  • Check out for competitive prices
  • Watch out for discounts codes
  • Be on time
  • Have a shopping partner
  • Rest well prior to the day
  • Focus

Final thought:

Some e-commerce platforms run Black Friday throughout the month. For instance, Jumia Nigeria plans to run black Friday deals every Friday in the month of November, meaning every Friday in November you have access to a wide range of products (smartphones, fridges, wears, phones, etc) to buy at cheaper prices.

Check what you’re buying very well, don’t be excited about the price. For instance, buying shoes online is a different ball game compared to other products.

Black Friday deals can be found at conventional shops and online platforms, whichever you choose try as much as possible to protect your debit or credit cards, and check the URL of the website you’re shopping from so as to avoid landing on cloned website.

Happy shopping!

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