Picresize Review: How to reduce size of your photo


Some application portals will specify the size of photo they want you to upload, this is how to use picresize.com to reduce a 1MB photo (or more) to 200KB (or less) without loosing the quality of your picture.

It is common to see school application portals, registration portals, and other websites (that have to do with submitting your data) specify the actual photo size they want you to upload.

Job application portals do this so as to maximize space on their bandwidth, to make their websites load faster.

Infobase Tech writer searched the internet, found five photo resize websites, but there is one of them that does the job faster without loosing the quality of our photo.

picresize tool-infobaseIt is picresize.com: a tool for reducing size of pictures

What we found interesting about this tool is that it is easy to use. You don’t really need to be on a laptop or desktop, right on your android tablet device, or your iOS you can actually reduce size of your picture.

This means you don’t need to run to a public cyber cafe down your street any time you are required to cut down the size of your photograph.

Let’s check how to achieve this on your iPad and tablet devices

How to reduce size of your photo using Picresize tool

Step 1:

Head straight to picresize.com. We recommend you use any of the following browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser

Step 2:

Click “browse” to select from your folder the picture you want to reduce

Step 3:

Click “continue” resize, crop and specify effects. This allows you to crop, pick your desired:

  • Crop and rotate your photo
  • Resize your photo by up to 25, 50, 75 percents, fit to screen and to any size. You also have the freedom to choose the size you want by clicking on the custom option, this allows you to use your own specified size, or whatever size job application or school application portals have given you.
  • Choose special effects..

Step 4:

Choose your photo format, which include JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Most of the data-oriented application portals will direct you to use any of these formats.

Step 5:

Click on “I’m done” which takes you to the final section. You can view your photo anyway, or go back to edit, or share it directly on Facebook, twitter, or Pinterest.

Step 6:

Click ‘save to disk” which downloads your resize photo on folder of your tablet device.

That’s all.

Note: You can achieve the above by connecting to the internet.

Your view:

It’s possible you have your own favourite photo resize app or tool you use, share your thoughts with us.


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