Fuel Scarcity: BOVAS, A Selflessness Oil Marketer in Nigeria

Fuel Scarcity: BOVAS, A Selfless Oil Marketer in Nigeria


Fuel scarcity in Nigeria is no longer news. It’s a time for some oil marketers and some filling stations across the country to up their profit by a ridiculous rate.

But one major player in the oil and gas sector is BOVAS Group, a company that has shown the world that there are still selfless people in Nigeria.

Over the last seven days, when it was discovered that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited supervised the importation of dirty and dangerous petrol into Nigeria, BOVAS has been at the forefront of taking advantage of its storage facilities across Nigeria to sell fuel NGN162 per litre across the country.


Filling stations across Nigeria sell at the price they feel. It’s between NGN220 to NGN250/litre in some stations in Osun State, Ondo, Oyo, Edo. While some filling stations sell to black marketers in Abuja who then sell at NGN300 or NGN500 per litre.

The scarcity come at a time Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia is one of the countries where Nigeria imports its petrol from. Russia’s action against Ukraine may worsen fuel scarcity in Nigeria.

While it’s a known fact that some fuel stations and oil marketers hoard products to sell at exorbitant prices, BOVAS continues to load from its facilities and disperse to its stations across Nigeria.

The selfless management team of the oil marketer deserve the accolade. And I’m sure motorists across Nigeria can attest to the uncommon contentment act of BOVAS Management team.

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Is it the first time?

BOVAS, which opened its first station in 1991 has been exceptional in the oil and gas sector. Even during the dark military days of Ibrahim Babangida and Sanni Abacha, BOVAS was the pacesetter and continues to be.

The selflessness of the company is one of the BOVAS’ Unique Selling Point over other fuel stations in Nigeria.

The mass protest that rocked the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan saw motorists pass through hell before they could get fuel.

But every BOVAS station sells at a government-approved price across Nigeria.

What then is the secret of BOVAS?

Before the company joined the league of stakeholders in the oil and gas sector, the Managing of Director of BOVAS Mrs Victoria Samson was a dealer under Texaco Nigeria Ltd. (now MRS Plc.)

She won Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award in sales, marketing innovation among others for the Latin American/West African Region.

The company commissioned her first service station in 1991 in Osogbo, Osun State capital. Today, the company feeds over 100 of its service stations across all the six geo-political zones in Nigeria, selling below the government-approved price.

BOVAS is contented with the small gain it gets from its sales while it continues to gain the trust of the Nigerian motorists.

Kudos to Mr and Mrs Samson and their management team for always coming to the rescue at a time when hundreds of filling station owners smile to the banks for their exploitative and selfish interests.

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