Over 1,000 Locations Accept Cryptocurrencies in Slovenia


Report says over 1, 000 locations are now accepting cryptocurrencies in Slovenia as the adoption of digital assets continue to soar in the country.

Some of the service providers now accepting cryptocurrency payments include hotels, cafes, restaurants, dentists, hair salons and hundreds of others


It’s gathered that the locations now accept coins through the Gocrypto payment system.

Locations Accepting Cryptocurrencies in Slovenia

Some of the major retail stores that are adopting crypto payment include the Tuš supermarkets, Slovenia’s biggest electronic seller Big Bang, Atlantis Water Park, and Burger King Slovenia.

A report recently said, “you can just use your crypto wallet when getting around your daily life.”

“Slovenia [is] taking the global lead as the country with the highest number of physical locations accepting cryptocurrencies.”

About Gocrypto

Gocrypto Slovenia Locations Accept Cryptocurrencies

The crypto payment gateway is currently present in 15 countries and more than 150,000 products can be bought via its platform.

Gocrypto is present in Argentina, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the U.K., Austria, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Japan, Portugal, Romania, and Venezuela.

At the time of this writing, the Gocrypto website is showing 1,416 merchants using its system, only 95 of which are online stores.

The Gocrypto system allows its customers to use bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, the euro token, and Gocrypto’s native token GOC to pay for goods and services thereby giving merchants more freedom and sales in their online businesses.

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