5 Key Documents For Female Married PCM To Upload on NYSC Portal

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 10:54 am


It would be recalled that National Youth Service Corps announced that it would open its portal for online registration portal for the ongoing mobilization exercise.

This guide is for prospective corps members who are married and will love to be posted close to their families.

If your documents were rejected then your status as married would show rejected meaning your application to be posted close to your family had been disapproved by NYSC management.


Female married PCM: How to reupload your marriage documents and solve the problem of married status is rejected.

Here are some of the questions female married PCM are asking:

My deployment status was disapproved on the grounds that my newspaper change of name was blurred and there’s no opportunity to re-upload my documents again. Please who knows what I should do next?

Check our guide below or use this link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/DocumentUpload

“I am also having similar issue … I was part of the left over for batch a and I uploaded all the necessary document that was asked for married woman but not until I was told to reupload it again for the current batch registration … I am confused”

Don’t be confused, follow this guide Married PCM Document Upload Link and get things done before the portal closes.

In a situation whereby NYSC rejected your marriage documents as a result of any of the following:

1) Blurred documents
2) Below the specified requirements
3) Irrelevant documents upload as a result of mistake etc

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If your status reads: rejected it means your application as a married female PCM has not been approved, check the sample of an approved status below.

“Simply check the Concessional Deployment Approval Status(Marital)
Approval Status: Approved” (photo 1)

How to upload marriage documents on NYSC portal using Married PCM Document Upload Link

  • Step 1: Login to your NYSC portal using your login details. And leave the window
  • Step 2: Open a new window within the same browser, and copy and paste Married PCM Document Upload Link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/DocumentUpload
  • Step 3: Head straight to the documents that were rejected, click on edit then upload correct documents.

The link above will take you directly to all the marriage documents you uploaded during registration.

For this Married PCM Document Upload Link to work for you, your scanned documents should not be more than 200KG, if it’s large than that, it will be rejected, but do not worry, we have another solution.

If you’re using a pad or tablet phone, take a clear snap of the document, edit it, then go to www.picresize.com and upload your document, select the required size you want to reduce its size .

Please beware of fraud!

Ask your question if you are still finding it difficult to do. We are online 24/7

Note: our problem-solving services are free, we do not and we will never ask you to pay. Disregard anyone parading himself as Infobase Team member asking you to pay something in exchange.

Married Female PCM: My preferred State isn’t in the list of Deployment State, what should I do?

NYSC Updates for Married Female PCM

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This is the NYSC update for married female Prospective Corps Members (PCM) nationwide and the requirements they need to be mobilised.

NYSC has listed the documents needed by the married female PCM to upload on their NYSC profile before their application and posting can be approved.

NYSC online registration requirements for married women

If you are a married female PCM and would like to serve where your family is based, you’re directed to upload the following documents.

  1. Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit)
  2. Evidence of State of residence of husband
  3. Identity of Husband (e.g. Driving licence, National ID etc.)
  4. Letter from employer/Utility Bills
  5. NewsPaper change of name

All the above documents should be scanned and be clearer.

100% of you uploaded below documents but when NYSC portal reopened, most of you were directed AGAIN to upload evidence of the marriage certificate and ID of the spouse.

How Married female PCM can upload documents on NYSC portal

  • Step 1: To upload these documents, please login to your NYSC Portal using the link https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/DocumentUpload
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on update documents
  • Step 3: On the next page Add a new document to upload,make sure you upload all the documents listed above and when you’re done, click on Submit.

“Ensure you upload all the required documents and bring the physical documents to camp for evaluation. Failure to bring valid documents will result in decamping,” NYSC says.

That’s all.
If your documents were rejected because they were not clear or you have been directed to “re-upload” your marriage documents use the same link we have in step 1 or see our guide on Married female PCM Document Upload Link.

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 My preferred State isn’t on the list of Deployment State, what should I do?

Married female prospective corps members are given the privilege to serve in their state of residence, or where their spouse is based.

In one of the NYSC online registration we handled, we noticed that the preferred state wasn’t among the deployment state.

If you found yourself in this kind of situation, here is the solution.

Solution to deployment state for married female PCM

Here is the fact:

List of deployment states in the NYSC registration portal for PCM has been designed in such a way that your own state doesn’t come up while making selection.

Most of the time the states that pop up are outside your geo-political zones.

Married female prospective corps members

There is an exemption for married prospective corps members. If you noticed that your preferred state isn’t coming up (it will not even come up), pick any state that comes up.

The change of name, marriage certificate and other evidence of your marital status will be used by NYSC to post you.

That’s why it’s expected you to upload clear documents.

NYSC Important documents for married women to upload

  1. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  2. Copy of evidence of Change of name
  3. Copy of husbands’ place of domicile during registration.

Our final thought:

If your husband’s state isn’t on the list of deployment state, pick any of the available state, you’re definitely covered by the above documents.

The major thing is to make sure that the document uploaded documents are clear and legible. And don’t forget to obtain your medical report before camp opens.


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72 thoughts on “5 Key Documents For Female Married PCM To Upload on NYSC Portal”

  1. I’m trying to upload my my document and where we are going to chose marital is showing reason not genuine. what can I do?

  2. Good evening sir, I registered on September 22 and my marital status is still pending. After d registration, Nysc sent me message to upload my marriage certificate and newspaper Change of name. I have printed my green slip. So, my question is that,do I still have chances to upload the required documents again? Thank you

  3. My OND certificate is written as Ahmed Ayisat K while my HND is written as Ahmed Ayisat Kehinde pls can i use it in camp like that

  4. Pls sir I was ask to put my O’level results as a married woman and am using 2 results but I only put one due to space provided and dats d most bad one, hope dat will not effect me? Registration ends today for batch B. Or can I change them?

  5. Good afternoon sir
    I got married before doing my ordinary and higher diploma my statement of result has 3 names, mine my dad’s and my husband’s has the middle name whereas my jamb is having two just mine and my dad and I was mobilize with the two names pls what do I do

  6. Good morning sir, I am married but I’ve not done court marriage, but I’ve done a change of name and I have other documents, hope I can register as a married woman

  7. Isioma blessing

    I uploaded all necessary marital documents
    Now I am being posted to a far state from my husband
    What do I do please
    Can it be rectified before reporting to the given state?

    1. Visit NYSC state secretariat in your state for assistance. If they can’t rectify it, then you will have to redeploy

  8. Please, I used compound name on my affidavit and newspaper but only my husband name showed on my dashboard. Hope there won’t be problem with the difference in name on dashboard and affidavit

    1. Am a married woman please l just want to know if it is necessary for me to go with all the original documents to camp, because l want to us my husband intentional passport as his identity and he want to travel with it before l went to camp, but l have all the original of the others documents, please what can l do. Thanks

  9. Pls am married and registered already and will be mobilise 4 2022 batch A stream 2, on my newspaper i have three names but on my dashboard it shows two names pls what should i do?

  10. Good evening dear,pls am married and I uploaded all the necessary documents as a married woman,but my concessional deployment status is not approved and my surname wasn’t changed to my husband own,pls wat should I do

    1. For mobilisation related matters, use any of the following phone numbers against your geo-political zone
      North-Central – 08092142614
      North-East – 08102790538 messages only
      North-West – 08092142661
      South-East – 09038034460
      South-West – 08092142616
      South-South – 07018836388

      Note: Don’t call outside business hours

  11. Oguntola kafayat olaitan

    My marital status has been showing pending and Nysc reg is closing on Tuesday ok s wat can I do batch A 2022

  12. how thanx for your service, am married i have every other document but i dont want to do change of name cus i dont want it to show in my name, what can i do

    1. It isn’t compulsory to change your name provided it’s an agreement between you and your husband. However, the name must correspond with every other document. And it may be tasking to convince NYSC officials for a relocation.

  13. Hi, I’m a batch A Corp member, passing out by February, I am currently serving in my husband town but I haven’t uploaded any of my marriage evidence online apart from the one I submitted at camp. I don’t want my husband’s name to appear on my nysc certificate, and it’s showing on my portal that I should upload all my marriage certificate and the likes, please what can I do? What happens if I fail to upload?

  14. Good evening sir/ma, I registered as single but before we went for camping my marriage documents are ready, please I want to know, will NYSC relocate me to serve at my husband’s state and LGA if I present those documents to them in camp thanks?

    1. Kindly visit the NYSC secretariat in your husband’s state of residence and explain to them, you’d be guided on the process.

  15. Pls during my online registration I was unable to upload utility bill as a married woman due to the fact that we recently moved to a new area so I couldn’t get the utility bill of that place, would it stop me from serving where my family are?

  16. Hi, I registered as a single lady and now I’m married, how can I change my status online before next batch. Note, I’ve been posted to Taraba state but I wasn’t registered because I went late. I want it changed so that I can be posted where my family is.

  17. Please I registered as single but I’m married due to non availability of the requirements but I have them now how can I be posted to my husband’s LGA before or during camp

  18. My marital approval is still pending.I did my registration since Friday,and the registration closes today . Please what should I do.

  19. Please am a married woman and av done my registration, but since yesterday, my consensional deployment is still on approved pending. I hope there is any problem for me. av seen the call up number today

    1. Be patient Madam. And if you are worried that something is wrong somewhere please do contact any of the support numbers we provided for NYSC in one of our posts.

  20. Hello,
    I and my wife graduated the same time. We have kids already. What can we do so that we can do our service together?

  21. Hello,
    I and my wife graduated the same time. we have kids already. What can we do so the we can do our service together?

  22. Please mine don’t even know if its approved or not,bcus nothing like that is showing just that they didnt change my name to my husband’s name and they didn’t post me to his place,pls am confused i and I uploaded all necessary documents

    1. Hey Amara,

      Maybe the documents you uploaded isn’t clear or there is a discrepancy in the docs. But I think that can still be fixed if you haven’t been posted. Could please call NYSC support? Find the phone numbers in this post.

  23. How do i know if my martial deployment has been approved because the column has disappeared and my fathers name has changed to my husbands name on my dashboard. Is the change of name on my dashboard mean that my Marietta) deployment has been approved???? thanks

  24. please have been trying to re-upload but I don’t get it… I want to upload the domicile letter please Admin Help out its urgent

    1. Hi Opeyemi,

      Sorry about that, please call any of the contact details of NYSC mobilisation for advice on how to go about this.

      See the phone numbers below:

      MTN: 08147869429, 09038034460, 08102790538
      ETISALAT: 08092142661, 08092142614, 08092142616
      AIRTEL: 07019190810 (MESSAGES ONLY)
      AIRTEL: 07019190812
      GLO: 07056726960
      MTN: 07035443327
      GLO: 08055310096
      MTN: 08037896311
      MTN: 08035623856

  25. I was advise wrongly to to put single instead of married, now I was posted to a far place which , I can’t travel because am heavily pregnant, how do upload my marriage details for them to help me change my redeployed state

    1. Hello Lynda,
      We’re sorry about that. Since you’ve filled single in your form, NYSC will definitely assume the details you provided are accurate. The only thing you could do is to report at the place you are posted to and do a transfer right away. But since you’re heavily pregnant, that’s not advisable. However, you can defer your service year.

      Please call any of the contact details of NYSC mobilisation for advice on how to go about this.

      See the phone numbers below:

      MTN: 08147869429, 09038034460, 08102790538
      ETISALAT: 08092142661, 08092142614, 08092142616
      AIRTEL: 07019190810 (MESSAGES ONLY)
      AIRTEL: 07019190812
      GLO: 07056726960
      MTN: 07035443327
      GLO: 08055310096
      MTN: 08037896311
      MTN: 08035623856

  26. Christopher Agatha Ugwu

    I uploaded all the necessary documents and I can’t see if my concessional deployment status has been approved or rejected. It is not showing on my dashboard at all. What do i do please? I’m for 2019 batch B, stream 2

  27. Tawadudu Rabiu

    Hi, please I have a problem, am married, I uploaded my marriage certificate in newspaper change of name mistakenly, and I already submitted it, my senate list status showed me registered but in my dashboard they didn’t approve that document and the registration is closed, please is there anyway that i can edit and change the correct document, Thank you.

  28. good day please am having an issue. after applying for relocation in camp, it was not approved, then i re-applied online again and uploaded some maritual documents i was asked to upload. since 1 month now, I kept seeing “it’s being processed”. I’m worried bcos I was scammed because of this issue. when I met an official in NYSC, he said I should go and upload my marriage certificate for the issue to be resolved. Although I didn’t upload the marriage certificate at first bcos I dnt av it but I uploaded marriage affidavit. so I’m thinking of doing court marriage to get certificate to upload.
    please any solution to my problem? bcos it is affecting my condition as a pregnant woman.

    1. Hi madam,
      Once you upload the required documents you don’t have to worry about anything again. NYSC gives priority to married and pregnant women.

      Perquisite to be considered as married PCM is your marriage cert please get.

      Make sure the documents are clear and readable

  29. Good day, please can my marital status be edited during revalidation? I was advised wrongly to put single instead of married and as a result was posted to a far place and I’m currently pregnant. What do you advice? Cos I want to do revalidation but dont want to waste my effort and time if there will be no way of correcting the marital status. Thank you

    1. Moji Grace Onifade

      Pls while I registered I was single,got married a week to camping, now my question is , how do I change my status and I haven’t gone for a change of name but I have my marriage certificates court and church, husband identity card, letter from his place of work , what do I do ??? Tnx

        1. Moji Grace Onifade

          Thank you ma, I don’t have the change of name page cause I’m yet to do that ,still in camp presently and posting is on Monday ,other documents are available ,what should I do ?? Tnx ma

          1. Present other documents you have. You can reach out to any national dailies for a change of name and keep a copy of it for future use. Assisting client with a change of names is one of the services we render. If you need our service in this area, you can always call 08027024054

  30. All my uploaded married documents are clear except the utility bill which wasn’t that clear… the approval space is still pending. Can I have a problem with the not so clear utility bill?

  31. Victoria ENEDUBI Olofu

    Concessional Deployment Approval Status(Marital)
    Approval Status: pending.please help, Mrs Victoria

    1. Opeyemi Quadri

      Hello Mrs Enedubi,

      If it’s pending their no cause for alarm. It means Nysc is yet to check what you re-uploaded. In that case if they are satisfied with the documents they will approve it.

      Please be patient as you can’t do anything about it for now

  32. Victoria ENEDUBI Olofu

    Good morning,my NYSC is still pending approval and I have submitted my married certificate and every documents requested by NYSC regarding my marital status.

  33. Please for married PCMs initially scheduled for BATCH A stream 2 but moved to BATCH B, all necessary uploads done as requested initially during the BATCH A registration, how can the marital status approval be tracked?

    1. Opeyemi Quadri

      Hi Mrs Ibe,

      To know if your status has been approved, login to your NYSC portal using this link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/ResumePayment.aspx a pop message will come up please click on close it if you already read it.

      In your profile look for “Concessional Deployment Approval Status Marital” If your application has been approved you’ll see, “Approval Status: Approved”

      If you are not then you’d see “rejected” due to some reasons that include blurred documents which you can rectify. Please check our photo 1 above. We’ve have just enlarged the photo for clearity.

      Any other question, please lets us know. Or you contact NYSC using any of the below phone numbers:

      1 MTN 08147869429
      2 MTN 09038034460
      3 MTN 08102790538 MESSAGES ONLY
      4 ETISALAT 08092142661
      5 ETISALAT 08092142614
      6 ETISALAT 08092142616
      7 AIRTEL 07019190810 MESSAGES ONLY
      8 AIRTEL 07019190812
      9 GLO 07056726960
      10 GLO 07056726961
      11 AIRTEL 08089244741  
      12 MTN 08064324023  
      13 ETISALAT 09092989929
      Or Email: nyscsupport@nysc.org.ng

  34. Your Comment Here …Good day, I did as you suggested because I wasn’t approved due to blurred newspaper, its more than 48hours and my approval status hasn’t changed it. Registration ends today, what do I do?

    1. Opeyemi Quadri

      If you have done the necessary things, NYSC will take care of the rest. If your documents are clear enough, NYSC will attend to your issue. Please be patient.

      1. Good evening ,I use my husband name on JAMB regulazation, and on my result is my father’s name will it affect my documentation.

          1. Olusola basirat odunayo

            Good evening sir. I want you to put me through on how I can upload my marriage certificate on my portal. I registered as single but I’m a married woman now, I want to move redeploy to my husband’s state but I don’t know how to go about it

          2. Sir I register as married but I did not upload the required documents will they still post me sir

          3. Good afternoon sir, I registered as single but I’m married now. Due to non-availability of the requirement but I have them now, please how can I be posted to my husband state before or during camp

          4. If you can submit them online, take the documents to NYSC camp to submit a manual application. Alternatively, approach the NYSC state office in your state for assistance.

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